The Math Mug Makes a Nice Gift for Geeks

Published by on May 5, 2011 under Home Decor Gadgets

The Math Mug Makes a Nice Gift for Geeks

Have a nice cup of coffee and study the world’s greatest equations (including 1+1=2), by purchasing the Math Mug, a must-have item for any brainiac and math lover.

The black coffee mug is made from porcelain and is dishwasher as well as microwave safe. It contains various white, yellow and blue formulas and equations that can be found in science, including Einstein’s Equation, Fourier Transform, Newton’s Second Law, Euler’s Equation, Ideal Gas Law, Simplest Ratio etc. I think I’m getting a painful flashback from high school.

The Math Mug can be found at Amazon, at the price of $12.86.

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