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The Jeweled Purse Light

Published by on February 9, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Finally I found something I wanted to cover since a while ago, but I didn’t find that specific gadget I saw in a paper magazine. It was a small device based on LED light that can be attached inside your purse for providing enough glow as you open the large purse, to find even the smallest beauty tool.

The alternative I saw on CHIPChick is more appealing, but even if it comes with several crystals embedded, it is kinda bigger and maybe the aspect is not that important as you’ll be the only authorized person to look inside your purse.
Those of us who use to carry fashionable bags, large enough for holding cosmetics and a mini notebook computer, would surely like to have it.

Called the Jeweled Purse Light, the gadget uses 3 button cell batteries and the LED technology, featuring a clipping system that allows you to attach it to an inside pocket.
Unlike the model I was looking for and that activates automatically as you open the bag, this one here needs you to press the On button for turning on the light, and Off when you have to close the bag.

The Jeweled Purse Light is sold at $13.

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