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Published by on October 6, 2017 under Office

Are you thinking of buying an iMac? Apple has created a new and improved iMac that will amaze iMac lovers. Stores that sell iMac are struggling to keep up with the heavy demand as Apple has definitely stepped up their game.

What makes the new iMac so special? Below we have listed a few changes Apple has made to the new iMac.

• The computer is built into the screen: for those who like a desktop but wants the “laptop lifestyle”, fear no longer, you can take your desktop PC anywhere. The box is built into the incredibly thin display monitor, and on purchasing it they include the keyboard and mouse which is great value for money.

• It is Incredibly Thin: The screen where the computer is built into is amazingly thin, it measures to a whopping 5mm. No wonder people look around for the tower when they want to switch it on.

• The Beautiful Design: Compiled out of glass and aluminum it creates a slick and smart feel. Having iMacs in your office environment will allow more working space, create smart look to the office while being able to get the work done as there is a lot of power built into this sleek “screen.”

• The Display: Previous models of Mac’s were criticized on their display, where the screen would reflect too much. The new and improved iMac reduced the refection by 75%. Reducing the reflection does not mean that the images are less sharp, in fact, they are more vivid than ever.

• It’s a Beast: The latest iMac offers an 8GB RAM Intel Haswell processors in the standard models which is upgradeable to 32GB. The new processor is a higher performing, more efficient processor than the previous iMacs. Although it does not look like you are getting more GHz, the speed tests came back very impressive when compared to older models.

• The Graphics: The entry-level iMac (21.5”) offers users integrated graphics. In the past, this meant that it shared RAM with the CPU, with the new iMac it has its own 128MB memory cache that enables it to push out better graphics than the previous models.

• Amazing Storage Options: Standard iMacs come out with 1TB of memory that can be configured to 3TB of memory on the 27” model iMac. You are also able to order your iMac to come with a fast flash storage to be built in that can add up to 1TB of memory. The iMac also has the option to combine a 1TB HDD with a 128GB flash drive so that you can get the best of both worlds.


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