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The iCatchi Phone Plug

Published by on March 4, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Guest post written by Andreea R.

The iCatchi Phone Plug

In the last period, the phone has become an indispensable accessory for each person. Of course, there are people who prefer modern phones, compact and complex and there are people who are content with a simple phone which shouldn’t be charged ten times a week. However, both types of people care for their phone. Ok, we are not talking about people who have no trace of regret when they drop their phone on the tiles or in a tub with water.

Regarding the care for phone, some people invest in bags, trinkets or invisible shield while others prefer the wipes. For example, the special wipes for glasses are extremely good even for your phone or computer display. The good news is that now you can provide your phone 100% care with a single tiny accessory. It is iCatchi plug, an accessory that covers the headphone jack hole. It will protect it from, liquids, humidity, dirt, fluff, dust and sand.

The iCatchi Phone Plug

The even better news is that this accessory is compatible with most mobile phones covers. Every purchase made on, you’ll receive the iCatchi Plug and also another enhancement present.

One Reply to "The iCatchi Phone Plug"

  1. Georgy Boy says:

    Awesome idea!

    I’ve had my fair share of problems with my headphone jack playing up!!. I just bought an iPhone 4 for $800 and this little plug will give me some piece of mind.

    Love the choices of cool things to buy. Also makes a great little gift idea if your looking for something different. I can see the corporates loving this! smile:

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