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The Girls Night In! Dominos set

Published by on November 20, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

The Girls Night In! Dominos set (2)

I personally don’t like playing Domino much as I consider it kinda boring, but the Girls Night In! dominoes set looks pretty cool and I think I’d like to keep one as a collection item. The 28 tiles are white and decorated with tiny pink rhinestones.

< The Girls Night In! Dominos set

It is available at Juicy Couture for $78 coming in a pink case.

(Seen on TecnoDivas)

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  1. Tisha A Albadwi says:

    Hello .My mother is a pro at dominoes and would love this set as a gift.. unfortunately Juicey Couture has taken it off the market..Would you be willing to sell yours?

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