Kinivo’s Affordable Adapters Enhance Your Wireless Connectivity

Kinivos Adapters Enhance Wireless Connectivity 2

Kinivo WID320 and WID340 are two new USB adapters that enhance an existing wireless connectivity so that you can access the Internet from rooms where the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. Unlike other similar adapters, the Kinivo models are available for affordable prices. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WiFi Released

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8 WiFi Released in Stores

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet announced by Samsung a few days ago pre-loads great tech capabilities and apps for work and mobile entertainment. Optimised for PC-like multi-tasking and productivity, the tablet lets you use 2 applications side-by-side, while the Multi-Window supports 20 applications. AirView allows you to preview content without the need to open files and folders, while the AllSharePlay can be used to access computer files remotely or to share mobile content to your TV. In the Polaris Office app you can add handwritten notes as well as drawings in documents and there’s also Awesome Note for when you need to customize items such as colors, icons, fonts, and backgrounds. Group Play lets users work together by sharing content. Read more

Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen Records Everything You Handwrite

Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen Records Everything Your Handwrite

Earlier this year, Livescribe introduced a new version of their famous smartpen, the Sky WiFi, and the partnership with Evernote resulted in access to your handwritten notes anywhere you are.

The original smartpen was the world’s first pen that recorded everything you write, while the new model is the first digital pen featuring WiFi connectivity and support for cloud services. You can use it not only to record what you write, but also surrounding audio, which is very helpful during important meetings or classes. Both students and business people can rely on high-end technologies featured by Sky WiFi to store much more information and access it at any time, from anywhere in the world. Read more

Smart Scale With WiFi Connectivity

Smart Scale With WiFi Connectivity

What would the Wi-Fi connectivity be useful for when it’s features by a scale? Well, along with the digital scale here, Fitbit provides access to an online account through which you can track your health and follow fitness plans. Data uploaded through the wireless connection includes the body mass index, your weight and body fat in percentages, and when you reach your goals you have the option of sharing your personal information with other Fitbit Aria users. Read more

CloudFTP Enables Wireless File Transfers Between Devices

CloudFTP Enables Wireless File Sharing Between Devices

Between January 10 and 13 you can check the Sanho Booth #4606 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to discover CloudFTP, smart gadget that enables a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are, so you can transfer everything from USB devices to your Apple gadgets. The compact and pocketable device supports Wi-Fi-enabled devices like the iPhone or iPad, and lets you copy music, images, videos, documents and other file types from USB hard drives, card readers, flash drives and digital cameras. Read more

LG Smart Refrigerators are Wirelessly Controlled

Author: Elena Opris

LG Smart Refrigerators are Wirelessly Controlled

The Connected Home Global Summit took place in London, between 24th and 26th of May 2011, where the award for Best Contribution to Interconnectivity Standards went to the Wi-Fi Alliance – a group that LG has recently joined. LG introduces the first generation of Smart refrigerators. Read more