April Fools Day Pranks From the Web

Published by on April 2, 2012 under Tech Gadgets

Yesterday was the craziest day of the year, when many of us had the chance to make pranks for people around us, and some well-known stores or product developers released their ideas too. Here are some of the coolest pranks I found on the web yesterday:

Thermosaurus Radiator

April Fools Day Pranks From the Web

This one was „designed” at the Artemy Lebedev studio and represents a heater shaped like a Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Thermosaurus would install like any other central-heating radiator and would be highly energy-efficient thanks to the structure constructed from cast iron, which would also support your clothing items.

Doxie Shreddie

April Fools Day Pranks From the Web

In addition to the cute and useful Doxie portable scanner, Apparent introduced an innovative gadget that you could take with you everywhere you go and destroy paper documents, but with the possibility to put your paper back together in case you change your mind. This technology enables paper shredding and unshredding, according to Apparent and the new device is called Doxie Shreddie. Read more