Kinivo’s Affordable Adapters Enhance Your Wireless Connectivity

Kinivos Adapters Enhance Wireless Connectivity 2

Kinivo WID320 and WID340 are two new USB adapters that enhance an existing wireless connectivity so that you can access the Internet from rooms where the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. Unlike other similar adapters, the Kinivo models are available for affordable prices. Read more

Lindy USB Port Lock Hands-on Review

Lindy USB Port Lock Hands on Review

Whether you’re an organization or a home user, working in a school or from the comfort of your home, computer data protection is an essential task you have to take care of starting with the Internet/network security software and ending with user access to the hardware. Let me recommend you a tool that shouldn’t miss from your data loss prevention toolkit, the USB Port Lock from Lindy. Read more

New Device Keeps Backup of All Your Photos

New Device Keeps Backup of All Your Photos

Picture Keeper is a new portable gadget coming to help anyone with little knowledge about computers, to create a full backup of their photos stored on a laptop or desktop computer running Windows or Mac. It requires no installation and you only need to connect it to any computer via USB so Picture Keeper can start backing up all the photos found on the hard drive, without duplicates. Read more

LED USB Charging Cable

LED USB Charging Cable

LED technology has become a popular energy-efficient way to enhance the look of our gadgets, while being used also as a status indicator. In the USB Visible Light Multi-Charge Short Cable’s case, you have a short LED cable with USB connectivity on one end, while the other end can be customized to charge many of your devices, starting with your cell phone and ending with your PSP. Read more

USB Thermometer Measures Your Computer’s and Room’s Temperature

Author: Elena Opris

USB Thermometer Measures Your Computers and Rooms Temperature

This special USB gadget can measure the temperature of your computer and the environment. And because we all know you don’t even make time for breakfast, let alone other secondary needs, you don’t have to install any software. Read more