Swarovski Summer 2012 Collection Brings Many Unique Items

Published by on June 19, 2012 under Ladies Accessories

Swarovski launched the Summer 2012 collection and I must say I’ve found several unique jewelry items that I’d love to wear. I’ve attached photos of them in this post, but remember, these are just a few of the novelties added by the famous crystal jewelry designer, so if you want to discover other cool designs too, browse the official website.

Swarovski Summer 2012 collection Brings Many Unique Items

I love the Rainbow Pendant’s shape and color combination. Swarovski wanted to create a hypnotic rainbow of colored crystals to illuminate our summer outfits. The pendant is decorated with crystals, paladium plated elements, on a staniless steel chain. The price is of £120. Read more

Swarovski Wings of Fantasy

Published by on August 8, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Swarovski Wings of Fantasy

Swarovski launched the fall/winter 2011/2012 collection entitled Wings of Fantasy. The new jewelry collection is characterized by winged creatures, letters, eggs, skulls and dark colors. Read more

Butterfly-Shaped Necklace, Brooch and Ring From Swarovski

Published by on May 19, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Butterfly Shaped Necklace Brooch and Ring From Swarovski

The Naturally Necklace, Brooch and Ring are part of the Swarovski Summer Collection for 2011. These beautiful and eye-catching gold-plated pieces of jewelry with Swarovski crystals successfully enhance the femininity and elegance of any lady. Read more

Swarovski Ambiray Brings Stylish Home Accessories

Published by on May 11, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Swarovski Ambiray Brings Stylish Home Accessories

The famous crystal jewelry maker, Swarovski, presents Ambiray – a collection of home accessories. Check them out if you want to add the ultimate Swarovski touch to your home. Read more

Swarovski Launches “Pirates of the Caribbean” Collection

Published by on May 11, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Swarovski Launches Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Swarovski celebrates Johnny Depp’s latest movie in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “On Stranger Tides”, with a new collection of pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings. Read more

Growing Girl and Growing Boy Swarovski Charms

Published by on February 22, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


The Growing Girl Charm from www.swarovski.com is a newly released jewel for girls who want to accessorize their key chains or other items they use to carry every day. Like many genuine Swarovski items it is plated with rhodium and features Light Rosaline crystals set in the Pointiage technique, with red and pink enamel for an attractive look. Read more