Tabi Multi-functional Holder and Hanger

Tabi Multi functional Holder Hanger (1)

Maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t seen a case for smartphones or tablets that allows you to hold the device in any position, anywhere you need it. There are cases with retractable leg to work as a stand, armbands and those for the car’s dashboard or windshield. What I like about Tabi is that, even if it’s not actually a case, it allows you to keep your device on your hand, on a desk, on the back of the car seat, on your belt, and even hanged on something. Read more

The Always On Station from Unikia

The Always On Station from Unikia (6)

Not long ago I wanted to give my husband a nice gift and I was looking for something unexpected and but useful, so I decided to get a laptop table. That’s how I got the chance to see different table styles and finally I got one with enough space for a 15-inch laptop and a wireless mouse, while it also has a built-in cooler that activates as you connect the retractable USB cable to the laptop.

What I like about Unikia’s Always On Station is that it offers plenty of room for many office accessories, but without sacrificing the weight and size of the table which has to be lightweight and small so it can be carries easily. Read more

Ergonomic Stands for Your Tablet or Laptop

Ergonomic Stands for Your Tablet or Laptop (3)

If you are a blogger, writer or a person who needs to spend hours in front of the computer daily, working from the office or while outside the home, in the cafe, airport lounge and other places, then you surely know how important is the position of the laptop or tablet in front of your body, so you can sit comfortably without back pains. Whether you’re working on a laptop or tablet computer, a modern stand designed to help you with that would be the best solution and one such model is a Goldtouch laptop stand. Read more

The US3 Drive: USB Flash Drive, Stylus and Stand

The US3 Drive USB Flash Drive Stylus and Stand (1)

The US3 Drive is a new mobile accessory designed for your smartphone by Chitanshu Vora, featuring three uses. You can use its built-in mini stylus on your smartphone’s touchscreen, or as a stand for the handset, while it also features a built-in USB flash drive. When not in use, the 3-in-1 accessory attaches to the keychain with the detachable lanyard. Read more

Hands-on Review: Zyroshell Phone Cradle for Your Car and Desk

Hands on Review Zyroshell Phone Cradle for Your Car and Desk (16)

The Zyroshell Phone Cradle was designed by G. Burt Lancaster from Lancaster Resolve Technology as a modern alternative to those clumsy cradles that don’t even match a clean car’s interior. The solution is a sleek cradle made from aircraft grade aluminum that replaces cheap-looking plastic arms using ball joints and swivels with a simple system based on reusable non-adhesive sticky pads and the magnetic hinge technology. The model was launched last year on Kickstarter, where it quickly raised its funding goal, and now everyone can have one. Read more

Sticky Cell Phone Stand Review

Sticky Cell Phone Stand Review (3)

If you’re looking for some quality mobile accessories but don’t have much to spend, for about $2 you could get a nice, slim and attractive stand like this one for your smartphone. I got mine from a grocery store, from the sales area, and I decided to review it because I love it as it’s really useful and of high-quality. Read more