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How to Recover Deleted Files from your Computer with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Published by on November 14, 2016 under Apps

recover-deleted-files-computer-easeusDuring past years I tried different similar software to recover files I’ve accidentally deleted on my computer, but none of them worked. Although each promised to recover any type of file, even if deleted from recycle bin, they didn’t help at all, but the program I will present you in the following lines, didn’t disappoint me.

This will be a quick review of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, which I just tested with an image file and an executable on my Windows computer, to see if it really works.

First, let’s see the advertised features:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, as the name suggests, is a free software designed to recover data. It runs on Windows operating systems and can look for any type of file including images, videos, archives, executables, documents, emails, etc. The condition is to not install it on the drive you plan to do the scan for the lost files. Read more

Review: EaseUS Partition Master: Full-Featured Partition Manager that Anyone can use

Published by on October 7, 2015 under Apps

easeus partition master (2)

Once the Windows operating system is installed on the computer, you can’t modify partitions without a specialized software. In time, there will be more and more programs installed on the disk and more data stored. At some point you’ll probably need to reorganize your disk in such a way to allocate more space for specific partitions. Also, when the entire storage capacity will have to be expanded to meet your new needs, you’ll end up setting a new disk. One of the software solutions providing all the tools you need to perform these tasks is EaseUS Partition Master. Read more

LogmeOnce is a Complete Password Manager

Published by on April 15, 2014 under Mobile

LogmeOnce is a Complete Password Manager (2)

LogmeOnce is a new project launched at Kickstarter, which caught my attention as soon as I read the description. This is a portable device that looks and works as USB storage device but comes powered by the latest software security technologies to keep all your passwords in one place and log you in any account automatically. Besides these, LogmeOnce can also charge your smartphone when the battery runs out and you need to place emergency calls. Read more

Warehouse Management Software

Published by on February 18, 2014 under Office

Warehouse Management SoftwareKeeping a warehouse running smoothly takes a lot of concentration and coordination between a lot of people. Large warehouses could hold products that need to be shipped to many different stores or customers at the same time. Ensuring that all stores or all customers get what they want is critical. If a store doesn’t get the inventory that it needs, it could cause customers to become upset or shop elsewhere.

When customers don’t get what they want, they could refuse to pay for their order when they get it. For example, if you sent your customer a video game system when that customer ordered a DVD, the customer isn’t getting what he or she wants. This is poor customer service and could result in lost sales and revenues. Read more

Partitioning Your Hard Drives is Easy With Partitioning Tools

Published by on January 18, 2014 under Office

Partitioning your hard drives is easy with partitioning toolsTo most users, the words “partitioning your hard drives” do not ring a bell. But to the more advanced users, partitioning your hard drives is a must especially if you have those very large capacity hard drives that can contain up to 2 or 3 terra bytes of data. The reason for partitioning your hard drives is to create a separate partition that is considered or regarded as a different hard drive, meaning, data found or located on a separate partition is totally separated from the rest of the other partitions even if it is on the same hard disk drive. It would not be affected even if you format and reformat the other partitions, or if the other partitions get infected by a virus the data located on a different partition is usually safe and will not be affected by it. You can have multiple partitions on a single disk; it’s up to the user on how much space would there be on each partition and on how many partitions the user would need on a single disk. Read more

Win 4 Licenses of Bitdefender Total Security 2014!

Published by on December 19, 2013 under Giveaways

Win 4 Licenses of Bitdefender Total Security 2014

Popular for being very fast and non-intrusive, the award-winning security software now comes in a new version designed to enable the highest degree of protection against malware while you’re online or offline. Bitdefender Total Security 2014 has several new features and enhancements including Bitdefender Photon, Bitdefender Wallet and Bitdefender Security Report.

The following are the key features of Bitdefender Total Security 2014:

Bitdefender Safepay: opens online banking pages in a secure browser, keeping credentials safe and filling personal information automatically.
Bitdefender Safego: filters and blocks social network threats by scanning links received from friends on Facebook. Read more

Online Store Software Tools in one Place

Published by on September 27, 2013 under Office

Online Store Software Tools in one PlaceOnline retailers must have an efficient and completely reliable shopping cart application. 1ShoppingCart online store software is a premier product that meets the needs of Internet retailers in a wide array of different industries.

The team at 1ShoppingCart understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to online store software applications. Therefore, 1ShoppingCart will work to ensure that specific needs of an online merchant fully are understood before specific shopping cart program recommendations are made.

1ShoppingCart also understands that online retailers operate on tight budgets in many cases. For this reason, 1ShoppingCart makes sure that it offers applications at affordable prices. The company ensures that an online merchant obtains an ideal shopping cart application at a price that works with that store’s budget. Read more

Resource Scheduling Software: In Simple Terms

Published by on June 20, 2013 under Office

Resource Scheduling Software In Simple TermsAnything technology based can often be difficult to understand let alone use to its full capacity. Businesses and organisations require specialist programmes to enable them to complete the necessary tasks and for many this can be a daunting prospect as programmes and software can appear to be very overwhelming particularly for those that struggle to understand and use the necessary items of technology. Read more

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Published by on June 18, 2013 under Office

Enterprise Resource Planning ERPSoftware Systems have become more comprehensive in placing all of the tools for financial management, project accounting, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Mangagement (CRM) and inventory into the same package. As customers demand a higher level of performance and service, this places a higher burden on complicated infrastructures. The trend for ERP software systems is to satisfy these higher standards with real-time, mobile information delivery. Read more

Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts – Infographic

Published by on May 23, 2013 under Office

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet - Tags

Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet By ZeroLag Hosting – Experts in Magento Hosting

Using Photoshop keyboard shortcuts is a great way to increase productivity while working with advanced design tasks. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that you must be working in the image editing software many hours a day to start memorizing all of them, but they are of great help especially when you’re working on one side of the screen and need to mouse over the other to find the small toolbox with tiny tool icons. That gives even more headaches when you have several windows open and you struggle to change tools.

Remembering a few shortcuts helps but why not to try and use more to speed up your work? Read more