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Beach Bag, Seating and Safe

Published by on July 19, 2014 under Outdoors

Beach Bag Seating Safe (3)

You can think of Beachsafe as a bag, seating device and safe, all in one. It was created as a solution for those who want to keep their valuables safe while on the beach. You can continue have fun while being able to see when someone tries to steal your things. Read more

AngelBlocks Keep You Updated on Changes in Your Home

Published by on March 28, 2014 under Home

AngelBlocks Keep You Updated on Changes in Your Home

With AngelBlocks you can make almost everything in your home smart. Using peel-and-stick, you can attach these blocks to different items or places in the house or near it to enable them to communicate with you in order to get updates in changes. The blocks use wireless technology to send notification to your smartphone, wherever you are. Read more

How to Practice Gun Safety at Home

Published by on February 27, 2014 under Home

How to Practice Gun Safety at HomePeople often assume that guns are very dangerous in any setting, but the truth is that guns are only dangerous when they are used in a way that makes them dangerous. Having one in your home does not mean that there is going to be an accident or that someone is going to get hurt, as people who do not own guns sometimes think. There are many ways that you can practice gun safety in the house so that you never face an accident. After all, you have many other potentially dangerous tools in the house – like knives and power tools – and you use them safely. A gun should be treated the same way, because it is also just a tool. Read more

Some Thoughts Prior to Purchasing the Home of Your Dreams

Published by on October 29, 2013 under Home

Some Thoughts Prior to Purchasing the Home of Your DreamsBefore you decide to buy the home of your dreams, there are a few things you should consider. After all, the decision to purchase a house is a huge one. Chances are that you’ll live in your home for several years. You might even live there forever. If you’re thinking about buying a house, there are a few important things you need to think about before you make an offer.

First off, consider whether or not you can afford the mortgage payments for the house you want. While it’s natural to get excited about a house, it’s important to think about how much you’ll be paying each month for your house payment, insurance coverage, and the cost of utilities. Make sure you and your spouse or partner discuss the costs and that you’re both comfortable with the approximate payments. Read more

Bitdefender Launched Free Antivirus Solution for Android Smartphones

Published by on April 9, 2013 under Mobile

Bitdefender Launched Free Antivirus Solution for Android Smartphones

As recently Bitdefender recorded an explosion in malware targeting Android smartphones, the developers behind the most popular security software for consumers introduced a free antivirus solution called Bitdefender Antivirus Free. Read more

Free Virgin Wireless Broadband Services In Tube Faces Security Concerns

Published by on April 7, 2013 under Home

In the light of promoting next generation wireless connectivity, Virgin Media rolled out its free wireless broadband for the London Tube commuters. The Virgin wireless broadband service was rolled out during the London Olympic season last year and was doing quite well, until the recent security concerns raised by GFI Software Company.

Since the beginning of 2013, the company has started charging non-Virgin Media users to access the broadband. Now, GFI Software claims that the Virgin wireless broadband service could compromise the security of the devices as well as the data of the commuting users. The unencrypted public wireless broadband network might expose the users’ devices to security breaches, hacking and other kinds of attacks by the evil tech savvy minds. Read more

Comprehensive Mobile Monitoring Solution from Aternity

Published by on February 22, 2013 under Mobile

Comprehensive Mobile Monitoring Solution from AternityStatistics show that for the majority of businesses, mobile computing has become an important factor in increasing productivity, while most businesses are already making plans to deploy custom mobile applications in the near future, and that’s because more and more employees are using their smartphones for business purposes.

Having an innovative approach to end user experience management, Aternity covers any transaction on any device, from anywhere and at any moment, calling its solution the Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence. In other words, the MFPI enables a unified view of end user experience management across physical systems, virtual desktop computers and mobile devices, for web, native and virtual mobile apps. Read more

Norton – The Next Reputation Protector?

Published by on February 8, 2013 under Office

Norton The Next Reputation Protector

Slowly but surely people are beginning to learn about the importance of “online reputation management” and large companies (like Google) have been leading the way in helping consumers learn about the perils of online identity and how to deal with it through search engine reputation management.

But a new giant has entered the fray in the way of Norton, the personal computer security giant has decided to delve into the reputation management service in a unique way by offering users the chance to “edit their first result” and decide what content they actively show when their name is searched. Read more

Making Your Emails More Secure With Digital IDs

Published by on January 31, 2013 under Office

Making Your Emails More Secure With Digital IDsDid you know that normal emails are about as secure as sending a postcard? When you send an email, you are sending a message that is usually routed through several mail servers, each one easily capable of logging the contents of your email. If you care about your online security, then you will know that sending any kind of sensitive data via an email is asking for trouble. However, there are ways to make your email more trusted, and also encrypt your emails so that you can send sensitive data via email without worrying about people – or machines – reading your emails. If you use a digital certificate to secure your emails, the recipients of your emails can be sure that you are the person who sent it. If you have also encrypted the email, they can also be sure that no-one else has read it on the way.

By digitally signing your emails with a Digital ID, you are showing the recipients of your emails that they can trust you. The certificates that you can get are usually recognized by many popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and so on. Read more

Bitdefender’s Complete Solution for Online and Offline Threats

Published by on September 20, 2012 under Office

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you were to ask me about my favorite antivirus solution, I would answer it’s the one I’ve been using for three consecutive years, which I also recommend to friends, and that’s Bitdefender Total Security. Actually, my first Bitdefender version was Internet Security but after one year I switched to the complete solution for my computer.

My story began a few years ago, when I was working for a foreign company and the communication was done via email. Unfortunately, at some point, my computer got infected as I was downloading various things from the web, without using any protection. Basically, I had no antivirus solution installed, not even Windows Firewall, so it was my fault that I lost my email account and all the associated accounts. You guessed, it was a Gmail. It took several months to get my job back, because I had to wait for all the formalities to be finished, and in the mean time I was also lucky to win my first security software license, for Bitdefender Internet Security 2009, after participating to a contest. Since I learned my lesson the hard way, I’ve never connected to the Internet without an active security solution anymore.

Read more