The Holy Grail Enabled Bulletproof Screen Protection on your Smartphone

The Holy Grail Enabled Bulletproof Screen Protection on your Smartphone

Sir Lancelot’s Armor creates high-quality screen protectors for various smartphones and tablets, using recyclable materials, and their latest product, called the Holy Grail, is a bulletproof screen protector with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Read more

Stylus-Pro: Stylus and Screen Cleaner

Stylus Pro Stylus and Screen Cleaner (4)

Stylus-Pro is a new stylus introduced by Cyber Clean for those who need a stylus for their smartphones and tablets, but with the possibility to clean the touchscreen at any time. The mobile accessory is also a screen cleaning solution. It integrates a stylus tip, a cartridge of alcohol-free cleaning liquid developed by JOKER Technologies, a spray nozzle, and a hydrophilic cloth. Read more

Liquid Screen Protection for Touchscreens

Liquid Screen Protection for Touchscreens

Although most of the gadgets with touchscreen feature some sort of protection against fingerprints and scratches, we still apply protective films just to be sure the screen remains intact in any situation. Many bad things can happen while the smartphone or tablet is inside the bag or pocket. If you want a mobile accessory that you can use to remove fingerprints from the touchscreen at any time as well as prevent smudges from forming again, you can try CleanSeal. Read more

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protection Hands-on Review

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protection Hands on Review (1)

I changed my phone recently and, in order to protect it from scratches from the start, I got ZAGG’s InvisibleSHIELD Full Body screen protector. The choice was based on my previous experience with the product, which makes me consider it the best screen or full body protection. I also wanted one because my phone model doesn’t feature any advertised built-in screen protection like Corning Gorilla Glass or scratch-proof layer, but I think that regardless of the smartphone, you need at least a good screen protection, because it never knows. You can find InvisibleSHIELD kits for about any handset, including Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5, and they are available in a few versions, such as just screen protection, full body protection (front and back) and maximum protection (front, back and sides). Read more

iPhone 5 Screen Protector GLAS.t Premium Tempered Glass

iPhone 5 Screen Protector GLAS.t Premium Tempered Glass

While for some, the iPhone is a fashion accessory, something they’re proud to boast, for others it’s an investment because the smartphone packs many useful capabilities into one slim device. You can perform many tasks on the iPhone, while on the go, and use it as a computer, cell phone, digital camera, camcorder, gaming device, and so on. All these explain the high price and you need to protect such an investment, starting with a screen protector and ending with an iPhone 5 case. Read more

Antec Cleaning Solutions – Review

Antec Cleaning Solutions Review

Antec is a US-based company specialized in high-performance computer components and computer accessories, while recently they introduced a range of advanced cleaning solutions for screens, devices and kitchen appliances. Included are the 3X Strength Spray Non-drip, the 100% Natural Spray, the Deep-cleaning Gel Non-drip, the 3X Strength and 100% Natural cleaning wipes, and the multipurpose XL microfiber Cleaning Cloth. You can get these products separately or grouped in cleaning kits.

Antec sent us several product samples for this review and my favorite cleaning solution is definitely the 3X Strength Spray available in two kits in the Non-drip version, and as cleaning wipes. Read more

Win 5 Bausch + Lomb Home & Office Clens Cleaning Kits!

Win 5 Bausch and Lomb Home and Office Clens Cleaning Kits

Giveaway closed! Congratulations to Grr, Diane Baum, charline, Janet F and Terry Cross!

Update: Grr didn’t reply to our email so the kit will be sent to Wendy Wallach.

Coming from the specialists in eye health products, Bausch + Lomb, this Home & Office Cleaning Kit was developed to take care of all your gadgets, including Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Using the included cleaning spray, 6 moistened tissues and 2 polishing cloths, you can keep displays clean and bright.

Powered by the special clens formula, these products can safely clean even the sensitive multi-touch display of your iPhone, featuring oleophobic coating. There won’t be any traces or discoloration after using the cleaning kit, but you can be sure you’ll restore your display to the initial clear and vivid finish.

To win one of the five available Bausch + Lomb Home & Office Cleaning Kits, you have to follow these steps and get unlimited entries: Read more

InvisibleSHIELD Review

InvisibleSHIELD Review

As many of you already know, InvisibleSHIELD is the world’s toughest protection film. I have been curious about it since a couple of years ago when I first had the chance to write about it in a news article, but guys at Invisible Skinz were so nice to send us a sample for review, so today I’m anxious to tell you all the details about my experience with the InvisibleSHILED on my LG Viewty cell phone. Read more