Remote-Controlled, Color-Changing Moonlight Pillow

Remote Controlled Color Changing Pillow (3)

Some of you maybe remember the Lumigram cushions with fiber optics fabric, which illuminate while powered by batteries. They come in many colors and look amazing if you decorate beds and sofas in dark rooms, but cost over $150. The cheaper alternative is the Remote Control Moonlight Cushion, available for £24.95 in UK. Read more

The Wake Happy Smart Pillow

Wake Happy Smart Pillow (1)

Wake Happy is a new type of pillow that integrates several functions destined to help you sleep better and wake up happy. The pillow has a built-in display that shows the time for the clock function and uses automatic LED light dimming and brightness adjustment so it won’t bother you when you wake up in the night to check the time. Read more

Tablet Computer Pillow

Tablet Computer Pillow

Usually, tablet computer stands are hard and you can’t use them on your lap; instead, they are designed for flat surfaces like your desk. To allow you to continue using your tablet computer even while sitting comfortable on the sofa, Veyl Products introduced a new type of tablet stand called the ePillow. ePillows are made from soft yet durable materials to hold the computer in place. Read more

Travel Set for a Comfortable Sleep – Review

Travel Set for a Comfortable Sleep Review

Not long ago I was contacted by a new online shop called Apple Gadgets, which sells various items to improve your lifestyle and allow you to do more with your Apple devices. One of the products received for review is this travel set containing an inflatable neck pillow, a sleep mask and two ear plugs. I guess you can use all the three to sleep more comfortably when you travel by car or plane. Read more