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How Online Phone Unlocking Services work

Published by on August 25, 2015 under Apps

how phone unlocking works (3)Frankly, I never had much trust in websites offering phone unlocking services, but when I had to find a way to unlock an old phone in order to sell it, I gave them a try. What convinced me they couldn’t be scams was the money back guarantee badge I saw these websites have been displaying since a while ago. This means that if the code they provide doesn’t work, you get your money back and that’s great because, in my opinion, these services are not cheap at around $25, but you’re doing this once only.

Another positive thing besides the refund option is that you don’t have to leave your phone at the service. You can unlock it at home, in front of the computer, and it’s very easy. You only need to find your handset’s IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) underneath the battery or by dialing *#06#, select the phone model from a list of available models and pay for the unlocking code. Read more

Infographic: The Evolution of Mobile Phones

Published by on August 25, 2015 under Mobile

infographic evolution mobile phones

This Infographic is courtesy of Flexenable, a leading producer in flexible electronics technology.

DouBBleTime Doubles the Charging Time for Android Smartphones

Published by on May 28, 2014 under Mobile

DouBBleTime Doubles Charging Time Android Smartphones

Have you ever wondered why your phone is charging so slow while connected to the computer via the USB cable? That’s because the USB cable included with your phone is not for charging the battery, but for data transfer between the phone and computer. When you connect the phone with the cable, the phone is provided with limited electric energy. If you want to use other functions as well, such as those that require more power, like GPS, charging becomes even slower. The good news is that you can you a special cable that doubles the charging speed. Read more

WeGo A Simple Phone for Children

Published by on May 4, 2014 under Mobile

ZTE WeGo Kids Phone vertical left angle pvla white

With WeGo, children aged 5 to 12 can stay in contact with their parents wherever they are. Sprint launched the phone with several useful features and a very simple interface so that children can learn quickly. WeGo has two side volume keys that can be used also for scrolling on the display, as well as a large front button for calling. Read more

HOT Watch: Raise Your Palm to the Ear to Talk on the Phone

Published by on August 4, 2013 under Mobile

HOT Watch Raise Your Palm to the Ear to Talk on the Phone (1)

Finally someone developed a watch phone that allows you to talk by keeping the palm to the ear, instead of holding the watch face to the mouth. I love the idea! Don’t you? The developers at PH Electric Labs launched the project at Kickstarter recently but reached the funding goal in the first 30 hours, which means people really want to get their hands on this watch. Read more

Traveling Without Ugly Roaming Charges

Published by on July 9, 2013 under Mobile

Traveling Without Ugly Roaming ChargesSummer time is here, you know what that means…trips, trips and more trips! If you’re planning any upcoming big summer adventures this year, you are sure to have a giant check list of things to do. But what may not be on your to-do list or even really come to mind for you, your cell phone.

That’s right, your cell phone. You may not have accounted for all of the roaming charges that can occur while you go gallivanting on holiday trips. Plan on traveling across the globe? Your cell phone may not even work outside of your country, and many phones that claim they do charge an arm in the leg! So what’s the solution… perhaps you should consider looking into a provider or a company which specializes in unlocking cell phones. In short, an unlocked cell phone allows you to actually use local service providers while abroad which results in a significant cut down on rates that would normally apply. Read more

Making Your Phone Systems Energy Efficient

Published by on October 19, 2012 under Office

Any company or public sector organization relies on phone systems, for communication between staff and customers. However, most people aren’t aware of the environmental impact of a simple phone system – and making your phones eco-friendly can save you energy and money.Making Your Phone Systems Energy Efficient

Being ecologically aware and reducing your carbon footprint is important for any business, as customers are becoming increasingly aware of environmentally friendly business practices, and many will choose products based on their carbon footprint.

If you supply your staff with mobile phones, you may not be aware that just one minute of usage produces an estimated 57g of CO2. If the phone is used for an hour a day over a year (which, let’s face it, is not unlikely), this would produce 125 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of a one way ticket from London to New York! This calculation is based on call time, so if your staff use smart phones for messaging and internet searches too, the figure will increase.

One way to reduce the carbon footprint of mobile phones is to use desk phones as much as possible: these use approximately one third of the power of a mobile phone. Additionally, if you can replace a few mobiles with desk phones, you’ll probably save a bit of money on contracts too. Read more

Vertu Constellation Smile

Published by on June 19, 2012 under Mobile

Vertu Constellation Smile

Constellation Smile is the latest collection of luxury cell phones launched by Vertu and this time it involves a fundraising for children in need. Unlike the business look of the models we got used with when it comes for Vertu, the new handsets come in four fashionable colors, such as orange, blue, purple, and grey. Read more

What to Look Out for in a Cell Phone Plan

Published by on May 31, 2012 under Mobile

What to Look Out for in a Cell Phone PlanMaking the choice between the hundreds of cell phones on the market today is a near impossible task unless you’re a dedicated fan of one particular brand or model. Having made the decision, you then have to work out whether you want to opt for a prepaid tariff or a contract, tying you into a deal with your network provider for a longer term at a set fee with pre-agreed terms relating to call time, data and messages.

One thing you need to consider when looking at cell phone plans is that if you take out a contract and decide to break it, you will be charged by the carrier. This is one factor that persuades many to take our prepaid deals, but many still opt for the contractual plans to give them guaranteed minutes, messages and data. Read more

NTT Docomo Launches Huawei Kid’s Phone H1-01D

Published by on May 16, 2012 under Mobile

NTT Docomo Launches Huawei Kids Phone H1-01D

NTT Docomo have just launched a bunch of new cell phones on the Japanese market and one of the models included in the summer collection is this cell phone for children named Kid’s Phone H1-01D. Read more