RAZER Brings the new Naga Hex V2 to the MOBA and MMORPG Gamers’ World

razer naga hex v2 (1)

The new NAGA mouse line includes a thumb wheel that is designed for the popular MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2, but also for the MMORPG games like WoW, Lineage 2 and others.

Normally, it was designed for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with pre-configured MOBA profiles, with that 7-button thumb wheel for maximum game efficiency. But, as I said above, it can be used in other game types as well. Read more

Zcan Wireless Mouse and Portable Scanner

Zcan Wireless Mouse Portable Scanner (1)

DTOI (Design to Innovation) launched the wireless mouse and portable scanner called Zcan Wireless. Shaped like a regular computer mouse, Zcan connects to your desktop, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth and operates like any other mouse. The second function is scanning. You can use the mouse to scan documents and photos anywhere you are and have them instantly transferred on the computer. Read more

Optical Mouse, Hub and Card Reader

Optical Mouse Hub Card Reader (2)

This is a great computer mouse with three functions. Once connected to the computer you can use use it as a card reader and hub in addition to operating it as a regular wired mouse. Due to the fact that the two USB ports for the hub function are placed near the USB connector, the mouse would be better used with a portable computer instead of a desktop. Read more

Roccat Military Themed Gaming Mouse and Pads

Roccat Military Gaming Mouse Pads (2)

Coming from the gaming peripherals manufacturer Roccat, Kone Pure Military is a new gaming mouse launched in several military themed styles, featuring a Pro-Optic 5000 dpi optical sensor, adjustable dpi, Adjustable Distance Control Unit, the Easy-Shift[+] technology, and customizable illumination. The mouse has high precision, is lag-free and allows you to assign two functions to every button. Read more

Computer Mouse with Built-in Camera

Computer Mouse with Built-in Camera (1)

The King Jim mouse has a built-in camera that activates at the press of the button to start capturing still images, shooting videos, scanning QR codes, or record audio. According to the specifications, you can use the camera of the mouse on computers running the latest Windows operating system, and as you press the dedicated button, the software that comes with the mouse will start so you can see and edit the recorded content directly on the computer. Read more

RollerMouse Red Designed for Maximum Comfort

RollerMouse Red Designed for Maximum Comfort (1)

RollerMouse Red is an innovative mouse and the largest computer mouse I’ve seen, but it consists of a control zone with basic mouse functions placed in the middle, while the large sides are meant to increase ergonomics while clicking. The product is a reddot design award 2013 winner so let’s see which are the features that make it stand out. Read more

Wired Scanner Mouse

Wired Scanner Mouse (2)

The name says it all – with the USB Scanner Mouse you can turn documents and images on paper into digital copies and this mouse does this instantly while connected to the computer. You can scan newspapers, notes, documents, images of all kinds, and others, by pressing the dedicated Scan button on the left side of the mouse. Read more

The Peanut Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

The Peanut Wireless Rechargeable Mouse (1)

This red, peanut-shaped computer mouse developed by ACME with a symmetrical design and support for both left and right hand use. Charging the built-in rechargeable Li-Pol battery via USB offers one month of continuous use. The USB cable is stored inside the mouse so you can’t lose it and you can also operate the mouse while charging. Read more

Hands-on Review: Mini Wireless Mouse with Smart Release System and Power-Saving Functions

Hands on Review Mini Wireless Mouse with Smart Release System and Power Saving Functions (9)

I received this small mouse recently from Tmart along with other great gadgets for review and I was surprised to discover that this is not a common mouse. The specifications list mentions optical tracking technology and wireless connectivity to the computer. It’s a small mouse designed for laptop users, but works great in small hands working at the desktop computer. Read more