Pyle Audio PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer

Pyle PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer (1)

Pyle Audio launched a personal fitness trainer and data tracking device for cyclists. The PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer is a great companion for outdoor sports which was designed to track your performance, map locations and help you plan new routes. The device connects to the computer to allow you to save your personalized training data and to view details of your performance records. Read more

Tempo Wrist-Worn Health Tracking Device for the Elderly

Tempo Wrist Health Tracking Elderly (3)

Here is a new health tracking device that you can wear on the wrist, which was designed for the elderly. Developed by CarePredict, Tempo has built-in sensors in charge with monitoring the user’s sleep quality and the amount of sleep, eating, bathing, cooking, and drinking. Read more

The Choice is Clear: All About LCD Monitors

The choice of LCD monitors on the market these days can be baffling. However, by arming yourself with some basic information you stand a much better chance of choosing the right monitor when you walk into the shop. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Monitor Size

LCD monitors come in a wide range of sizes, so you should first decide how large you actually want it to be. This will depend upon how much space you have on your desk, along with how you actually use your computer. Read more

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor From Sports Tracker

Bleutooth Heart Rate Monitor From Sports Tracker

I see many companies releasing heart rate monitors so I guess these are very popular these days, while there are also Bluetooth-powered versions working with phone applications and this is the type I’m interested in. Sports Tracker introduced its Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor working with the free applications on Android and Symbian phones. Read more

Track Your Blood Pressure Wherever you are With the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Track Your Blood Pressure Wherever you are With the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

With the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and the free app anyone has the possibility to check his/her blood pressure, as well as track, graph and even share it with others. Everything is done via the special application, on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Read more

Apple’s New 27″ LED Cinema Display

Apple s New 27 inch LED Cinema Display

Earlier today, Apple introduced a new desktop monitor called the LED Cinema Display that features 27-inch diagonal, 2560 x 1440 resolution, 178-degree viewing angles, built-in iSight web camera with speakers and microphone, USB 2.0 hub and a MagSafe connector. Apple recommends it to MacBook and iMac users who can connect the laptop to the larger display when needed. Read more

ASUS Ultra-Slim Monitor With Ring Stand

ASUS Ultra Slim Monitor With Ring Stand

ASUS Ultra-slim Designo MS246H LCD Monitor is one of the cool gadgets unveiled at this year’s edition of CES in Las Vegas. It replaces the traditional stand with a black ring and measures only 16.5mm in thickness, while enabling Full High Definition 1080p resolution at 2ms response time and 50,000:1 contrast ratio. Read more

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer (2)

Of course I don’t believe it’s possible to interpret baby crying, but let’s see what the producers of this gadget have to say to sustain their ideas.
According to the product’s description, the Why Cry Baby Analyzer is a small white device measuring just 2 x 6.3 x 2 inches at 0.5 pounds, which sports a large display, and has to be set on a table in your baby’s room, at up to 6-feet distance to the bed. It powers from four AA batteries. Read more