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The TripLit OLED Lamp

Published by on May 28, 2015 under Outdoors

TripLit OLED Lamp (2)

Designed for portability and powered by the OLED technology, the TripLit lamp seems to be a great solution for outdoor enthusiasts. The organic light emitting diode lamp is an economic and eco-friendly solution for various activities permormed outside, providing several benefits such as it doesn’t attract bugs like regular light sources, lasts over 30 hours, charges via micro-USB, doesn’t emit UV rays, is Mercury-free, and doesn’t produce heat so it’s safe to touch it without worrying that you could burn your fingers. Read more

USB Touch Lamp that Changes Color

Published by on July 8, 2014 under Decor

USB Touch Lamp Changes Color (1)

A minimalist desk lamp with a relaxing glow can help you focus better on the tasks you’re working at the computer at night. You can use one of these for light and color therapy or just as an alternative to a keyboard light, in case your keyboard doesn’t feature backlight. Read more

Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes

Published by on April 20, 2014 under Home

Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes (1)

The Shock Sensor Lamp was developed as a simple tool that alerts you whenever it detects quakes of magnitude 3 on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale, and it does it by automatically switching on. The lamp is small, at 8.8 x 3.6 cm, so you can place it on a wall, door and even purse, using wither the built-in magnet or the strap. Read more

Cordless Floor Lamp

Published by on March 10, 2014 under Home

Cordless Floor Lamp

A floor lamp with thin pole, flexible gooseneck and stable base can be placed in small spaces in any room where you need to read in the night, but this is not an ordinary minimalist floor lamp. This lamp is cordless so you’d get rid of the cable and power outlet which you can’t move from room to room, everywhere you’d need light over your armchair. Read more

Holi Smart Lamp

Published by on January 13, 2014 under Decor

Holi Smart Lamp

Holî is a smart lamp that can be set on a desk or on the wall while you can use the smartphone to remotely control the light. Holî works with a dedicated application that installs on the handset and its menu allows you to choose to decorate the room with your favorite color tone, from over 50 light colors. Read more

Lamps That Power From Falling Sand

Published by on May 10, 2013 under Home

Lamps That Power From Falling Sand (1)

I like this concept inspired by the hourglass a lot, especially because it powers by sand. Although you have to flip the lamp to keep it working, it’s a great eco gadget with a slim shape that fits about anywhere in a home. Read more

Adjustable Minimalist LED Lamp

Published by on February 17, 2013 under Home

Adjustable Minimalist LED Lamp

What I like about this lamp is that it can be set vertically or horizontally wither on a desk, on the floor, on a wall, or on the ceiling, held by the stand. The LED technology makes it a great night light in dark areas because it consumes less energy and this lamp features 4 LED lights and 1W power, using 3 AAA batteries. Read more

Levitating LED Lamp

Published by on December 9, 2012 under Decor

Levitating LED Lamp

Levitron is not only an energy-efficient desk lamp that uses the LED technology to produce light, but also a unique product that would impress your guests, because the top part looks like levitating. The lamp features six LED lights that shine up and three lights which shine down from the bottom side and you can activate both light sets using the touch switches, to create a warm glow in the room. Read more

TikTikTik Lamp Measures Time Using Tape Line

Published by on July 12, 2012 under Home

TikTikTik Lamp Measures Time Using Tape Line

Having a TikTikTik on the desk close to your bed allows you to set the time you want the night light to stay on and you can do this by using the pull chain looking like a tape line. The pull retracts slowly until the timer runs out and the light dims before turning off. Read more

Notebook With Built-in Lamp

Published by on June 14, 2012 under Decor

Notebook With Built-in Lamp

I’m not sure how useful this little gadget is for your office desk, but at least it looks cute for those who want to stay optimistic all day and night. Named the USB Flip Desk Lamp, the desk light helps continue working on papers or keyboard in low light environments. It powers via USB and has a flip design. Read more