Optical Mouse, Hub and Card Reader

Optical Mouse Hub Card Reader (2)

This is a great computer mouse with three functions. Once connected to the computer you can use use it as a card reader and hub in addition to operating it as a regular wired mouse. Due to the fact that the two USB ports for the hub function are placed near the USB connector, the mouse would be better used with a portable computer instead of a desktop. Read more

Win a liGo Bluewave Link to Mobile Hub and 20% OFF Vouchers!

Win a LiGo Bluewave and 20 percent OFF Vouchers (1)

LiGo has partnered with us to give away one LiGo Bluewave to a lucky blog reader. The gadget you can win was designed to be used in those homes where people need to answer or place mobile phone calls right away, from anywhere they are, even when there’s no landline. This way you won’t miss important calls anymore and you have the possibility to make urgent calls in case something bad happens that prevents you from reaching your cell phone.

Cool features of LiGo Bluewave include the Bluetooth technology which enables it to pair with up to 3 mobile phones wirelessly, the plug-and-play capability so you can use it right out of the box, customizable ring tones, voice dialing, caller ID, call waiting between multiple phones, and optional wall mounting. Network compatibility is for PSTN, VoIP and PBX and the price is of £99.99. Read more

Pen Holder With USB Hub, Desk Light, Speaker and Photo Frame

Pen Holder With USB Hub, Desk Light, Speaker and Photo Frame

This is a great office gadget featuring a pen holder with USB hub functionality at the base, illumination, speaker functionality and support for a photo.
Having one like it on your desk allows you to connect up to 4 gadgets to your computer, keep your pens and other little things in one place, see the surroundings during night, listen to the music from your cell phone or other music source and insert your favorite photo. Read more

The Santa 4-Port Hub Christmas Gadget – Review and Giveaway

1 The Santa 4-Port Hub Christmas Gadget – Review and Giveaway (3)

Because Christmas is near and you’ll be busy looking for some unique gift ideas for your family and friends, Budget Gadgets thought in sending us a new product for review and one to give away. If you don’t remember, BudgetGadgets gave us the thermo-hygrometer we reviewed back in July.

Now I’m going to show you another gadget that would make a cute toy, a laptop accessory and a great Christmas gift. It is not a new gadget on the market, but seems to remain among popular Christmas-themed products every holiday season. Read more