Tempo Wrist-Worn Health Tracking Device for the Elderly

Tempo Wrist Health Tracking Elderly (3)

Here is a new health tracking device that you can wear on the wrist, which was designed for the elderly. Developed by CarePredict, Tempo has built-in sensors in charge with monitoring the user’s sleep quality and the amount of sleep, eating, bathing, cooking, and drinking. Read more

Wello: iPhone Case and Health Monitoring Device

Wello iPhone Case and Health Monitoring Device (1)

A health monitoring device built in your iPhone’s case sounds great especially because it simplifies things a lot. Instead of using a separate accessory on your wrist, for example, you could rely on your handset’s case. This new device is called Wello and was launched by Azoi to help you improve your life. How? By keeping track of your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, electrocardiography, blood oxygenation, lung functions, and others. Read more

Diagnose Your Car’s Health With the CarMD Vehicle Health System

Diagnose Your Cars Health With the CarMD Vehicle Health System

If you are not a mechanic, nor an experienced car-fixer, you could use an affordable solution developed for all drivers out there, who prefer to fix things by themselves. It’s called the CarMD Vehicle Health System and consists of a handheld device and an online service. You can use it with any car, minivan, SUV or light truck released since 1996. The device is smart and easy to use, featuring red, yellow and green indicator lights to show when there is a hidden vehicle engine problem or when the engine requires immediate repair. The device provides insight on repairs, components and costs before your arrival to the repair shop, and allows you to check to see if the vehicle is ready for a required emissions test. Drivers can also analyze used cars before purchasing. Read more