Sena Snowtalk Bluetooth Headset Integrates Into Your Snow Sports Helmet

Snowtalk Bluetooth Headset Integrates Helmet (1)

Outdoor enthusiasts and those who love snow sports can listen to the music and answer phone calls through the new Bluetooth headset launched by Sena Technologies. Featuring Bluetooth 3.0 technology for a wireless range of up to 700 meters, Sena Snowtalk was designed in such a way to allow quick and easy access while fitting inside your helmet. It also comes with a fleece ear warmer and has glove-friendly controls, so you can wear it inside the helmet or in the ear warmer. Read more

Watch Movies in Virtual Reality on your iPhone

Watch Movies Virtual Reality iPhone (2)

At Kickstarter there is a new super interesting project that you can support if you have an iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 4, love movies and would like to watch them in augmented reality. Evolo is the headset that you have to slide your smartphone into and get the best movie experience ever, from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. Read more

Win a Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset!

Win a Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset

It’s time to start a new giveaway that will last for a short period of time. You have one week to enter and get a chance to win a classic mobile accessory. Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset is one of the popular cell phone gadgets that was released on the market a while ago and you can use it to talk on the phone while on the go. Read more

BlueNEXT BN8860 Bluetooth Headset – Review

BlueNEXT BN8860 Bluetooth Headset Review

BlueNEXT BN8860 is one of the latest Bluetooth headsets introduced at and I’m proud to be among those who have the chance to review it. I picked it myself because of the modern and simple design, the customization options and ease of use. It’s also available at an affordable price and this is another reason I wanted to recommend it to you. Read more

Jabra BT2020 Bluetooth Headset – Review

1 Jabra BT2020 Bluetooth Headset - Review (5)

Jabra BT2020 is a high-quality Bluetooth headset that was released on the market in 2007 as an improved version of the previous award-winning model.
Its design was inspired by the ergonomic Behind The Ear hearing aid devices that proved to be very comfortable even for long hours of wear, as they’re distributing the weight evenly across the user’s ear, while remaining discreet, almost invisible. Read more

Iqua Smart Badge Bluetooth Headset – Review

1 Iqua Smart Badge Bluetooth Headset – Review (12)

Iqua Smart Badge is a stylish accessory for people working in different environments requiring wearing a badge with the name, function and photo.
Even if it was released on the market targeting corporate users, it is an useful accessory for anyone asked to identify himself/herself at the work place, but in addition to this, Iqua Smart Badge has built-in Bluetooth headset functionality. It’s practically a 2-in-1 portable gadget that you can use to receive and initiate phone calls via the wireless short-range connectivity.

We’ve received the Iqua Smart Badge for review and now that we know all about it we want to share the details with you, highlighting its benefits. Read more