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Coloured Shaving Gels for Men

Published by on November 11, 2013 under For Men

Colored Shaving Gels for Men (2)

Here is an interesting solution to colour your morning. Although you might think this was created for women, it’s a shaving gel aiming men who want to try something new to replace the traditional white shaving foam. Read more

Hands-on Review: Sky Blue Gel Skin Case

Published by on July 13, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review Sky Blue Gel Skin Case (3)

You got a new smartphone and before deciding on an expensive case, you probably start looking for a cheap option to protect the handset until you finish your research to find the best case. Many start with a simple silicone case or a plastic hard case and the model I want to show you now is a nice gel case for Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, coming from Read more