Gigabyte Aivia M8600 – World’s First Wireless Gaming Mouse

Published by on October 2, 2012 under Tech Gadgets

Gigabyte Aivia M8600 Worlds First Wireless Gaming Mouse

Aivia M8600 from Gigabyte is theworld’s first gaming mouse with wireless connectivity and a winner of an iF product design award in 2012. The mouse was designed for non-stop gaming and features a power-saving sensor and a Lithium battery that enables 50 hours of intensive gaming. The Quick-Swap Changing System is the technology that simulates gun clip loading for instant battery changing, which takes two seconds. The multi-functional dock allows the gamer to charge an extra battery, but this smart dock is also a wireless receiver. Read more

Ghost Scorpio Gaming Mouse

Published by on January 5, 2011 under Tech Gadgets

Ghost Scorpio Gaming Mouse

Minicute, the company specialized in ODM/OEM computer mice like Minicooper, Micra and DriftX representing famous cars, introduced a new mouse called Ghost Scorpio. The fiery red mouse was created to be a professional gaming mouse with increased ergonomics. Read more

Chameleon X-1 Wireless Mouse Presenter and Gamepad

Published by on December 15, 2010 under Tech Gadgets

Chameleon X 1 Wireless Mouse Presenter and Gamepad

Chameleon X-1 is not just a cool gaming mouse in red, but also a gamepad. It has two functions meant for gaming and one for presentations. You can use it to browse the web or your documents, combat enemies in video games and control items on the computer during a presentation. Read more