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Published by on December 15, 2010 under Ladies Accessories

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When did men make the switch from pocket watch to wristwatch? This change was actually relatively recent. During World War II, men were issued with small wristwatches to keep track of time and to coordinate attacks. After the war, the habit stuck and few men went back to this convenient notion of using a pocket watch on a chain.

However, for women, wristwatches were worn much earlier. Women wore them for decorative purposes. They were more likely used as jewellery than for more practical purposes as they were still quite expensive, so only available to middle- and upper-class women.

This habit has stuck. Women like their watches to be in keeping with their own personal style. They obviously need to tell the time accurately, but having James Bond style gadgets telling you the temperature, how many meters above sea level you are and the relative humidity is not really necessary or even wanted.

However, women do want their watches to look good. Some women prefer a sporty looking watch, others want something more elegant, yet others prefer something quirky that makes a style statement.

For a sporty meets feminine metallic watch, Breil offer a good mix. Their Globe design mixes a leather strap with rose gold face.

For Breakfast at Tiffany’s style elegance and simplicity, Dior’s La D de Dior range is superb. It is at the top end of the market, but being encrusted with diamonds its no wonder why. It can be worn during the day or even at a glamorous evening event.

Cheap, cheerful an on-trend are the Hip Hop range of watches. These watches come in 20 different colours and the faces are interchangeable allowing you to colour-coordinate your watch with your clothing.

If you want your watch to be cleverly camouflaged as a bracelet, check out the range of watches from Just Cavalli. They are a lot more affordable than you might imagine too.

Pulsar have been producing elegant ladies’ watches for decades now and they have got it down to a ‘t’. Even though they are well made, of high quality and come in chic designs, the prices are remarkably affordable. They also have a great after-care service. What’s more if you can’t afford a diamond-adorned Chanel watch, Pulsar’s Diamond watch, with a single diamond on a black face with gold strap should do the trick.

Fossil Invites us to Meet Lucy

Published by on February 26, 2010 under Unique Gift Ideas

Fossil Invites us to Meet Lucy

As you already guessed, Lucy is Fossil’s latest women’s watch collection. It brings seven new elegant watches including Lucy White Analog, Lucy Tortoise Analog, Lucy Horn Analog, Lucy Black Analog, Lucy Black/Gold Analog, Lucy Silver Analog, and two Lucy Print Analog versions. Read more

Nina Ricci N029 Watch Series and the Valentines Day Edition

Published by on January 18, 2010 under Ladies Accessories

Nina Ricci N029 Watch Series and the Valentines Day Edition

I didn’t know Nina Ricci is also a watch brand, but from the moment I saw this cool watch I’m sure I’ll remember to look for Nina Ricci models in watch stores I enter occasionally. Read more

Hello Kitty Enlightened Swarovski Elements Watch

Published by on December 10, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

Hello Kitty Enlightened Swarovski Elements Watch  (2)

Coming in white or black, the Hello Kitty Enlightened Swarovski Elements Watch from Gizmine looks elegant decorated with cubic zirconia, the tiny ears and bow of Hello Kitty, and a stylish finish. Read more

Invicta Reserve Men’s Limited Anniversary Edition Swiss Quartz Chronograph Strap Watch

Published by on November 17, 2009 under Gadgets for men

1 Invicta Reserve Men's Limited Anniversary Edition Swiss Quartz Chronograph Strap Watch

Invicta watches are known as luxury watches available at affordable prices. The one we are writing about today is the elegant Invicta Reserve Men’s Limited Anniversary Edition Swiss Quartz Chronograph Strap Watch included in the Reserve Bolt series. It is available in four color combinations – gold/black, silver/black, gold/blue and silver/blue. Read more

Piaget Exceptional Pieces

Published by on November 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

Piaget Exceptional Pieces piaget secret watch 1

Exceptional Pieces is Piaget’s collection of amazingly beautiful watches available in various unique designs featuring gold and lots of diamonds.
In the first image you can admire one of Piaget’s secret watches inspired by leaves, which is made using 18-carat white gold decorated with no less than 296 brilliant-cut diamonds of 20.7 carats, 142 pear-cut diamonds of 47.8 carats, 66 baguette-cut diamonds of 4.2 carats and two marquise-cut diamonds of 3.5 carats. Read more

Elegant Watches With Crystals From Brando

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If you love crystals but can’t afford a sophisticated D:Light watch from Swarovski, maybe the Bling Bling Digital Watch from Brando would be the best alternative. Read more

7 New Elegant Watches from Swarovski

Published by on March 31, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

7-new-elegant-watches-from-swarovski-baguette-elis-octea-mini-octea-lady-piazza-d-light-4 has just launched a new collection of beautiful watches called Octea Mini, Octea Lady, Octea Sport, Baguette, Piazza, Elis and D:Light. Each of these series includes several different models with impressive designs inspiring elegance and uniqueness. Read more