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Interview with Pedro Henrique Castro About His Cordless Drill Concept for Women

Published by on June 29, 2012 under Interviews

Interview with Pedro Henrique Castro About the Cordless Drill Concept for WomenI have always admired talented people who use existent technologies and their imagination to design innovative product concepts that once turned into real gadgets, would improve our lifestyles. That’s why I decided to create this new blog category, called Interviews, where you can find out who these brilliant people are, what inspires them and how their designs would make our lives easier.

I will start with the interview with Pedro Henrique Castro from Brazil, who designed the cordless drill for women concept submitted on Coroflot.

Pedro contacted me a while ago to ask more details about the 2-gear i-drill. He wanted to create a concept of a similar product, but that could be used even by women to drill holes in concrete walls, and that is a percussion drill for women.

LadiesGadgets: Pedro, please tell us a few things about yourself, like what you do for a living, what you are studying…

Pedro Henrique Castro: Hi Monica!. Firstly, thanks for your support and for publishing my work! I just finished college last month. There were five long and good years I spent studying Industrial Design, learning a lot of new things and meeting new people. Right now I’m designing projects for Points Of Sale. Read more

Cordless Drill Design for Women

Published by on June 23, 2012 under Home

Cordless Drill Design for Women

Remember the 2-gear i-drill, the cordpress tool that you can use anywhere on the globe thanks to all kinds of included accessories? After publishing the review, Pedro Henrique Castro contacted me from Brazil to ask more details about the tool because he wanted to finish his collage graduate work, the project involving the design of a cordless drill that is so easy to handle that even women could use to drill holes in concrete walls. Read more

2 gear i-drill Review

Published by on March 2, 2011 under Reviews

2 gear i drill Review

The tool I am reviewing today is something that, in my opinion, can’t miss from any home. Whether you are an expert in fixing things around the house, or just complaining about broken stuff that no one cares to repair, i-drill PowerTools offer the solution for all cases. That’s because it was designed to be easy to use by anyone, while saving money and time. Why spending extra on a carpenter when you can do it yourself, when you need to?

i-drill is a relatively new brand focused on providing a more comfortable alternative to traditional tools that only men could use. This time, women too have access to a range of friendly tools developed in such a way to be easy to store and use.

i-drill tools are characterized by a wide range of uses, cordless function, portability, global charging, attractive design, and global 5-year warranty. The current i-drill series includes the 1 gear i-drill for drilling and screwing, the impact driver for drilling holes in solid walls, the oscillating saw for cutting things in small spaces, the LED torch, and the powerful 2 gear i-drill that you’ll have the chance to find out more about from the following lines. Read more