Touch-sensitive cup with Heart-shaped LED Indicator

touch sensitive cup heart led (2)

You can use a cup like this when you need to check the temperature of your coffee, tea or some water you need to use. By holding the cup with both hands, you enable the static sensor with conductive film which turns the LED on. The tiny heart on the cup will show either red, orange or blue light to indicate that the liquid’s temperature is over 65 °C, 35-65 °C or below 35 °C. Read more

Coppuring – The Coffee Cup Ring

Author: Elena Opris

Coppuring The Coffee Cup Ring

This gadget has the purpose of holding your drink attached to a ring when you are at parties and find it difficult to depart yourself from your favorite beverage. It seems that rings are the newest gateway to the future – controlling laptops, telephone and now drinks. Read more