ZIIIRO Celeste

Published by on January 14, 2012 under Tech Gadgets

ZIIIRO Celeste

ZIIIRO Celeste is one of the cool watches introduced recently at the ZIIIRO shop. The model is available in Black, Gunmetal-Mono, Gunmetal-Colored, and Chrome-Colored. Another special feture of this concept, besides the unique design, is the way it displays the time, using two transparent discs that overlap to create an array or colors. The strap and casing are made from stainless steel. Read more

Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM Acetate

Published by on June 3, 2011 under Gadgets for men

Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM Acetate

The Kisai RPM Acetate limited edition LED watch is a remake of the original RPM watch that came in stainless steel. It’s also the first watch created by Tokyo Flash which is made of Acetate. Read more

odm Daze Ladies Watches

Published by on July 26, 2010 under Ladies Accessories

odm Daze Ladies Watches

o.d.m. Daze is a new collection of ladies watches launched for this summer season. It brings several elegant watches in pastel colors with bangle system to look like elegant bracelets on women’s wrists. Read more

TokioFlash Japan Introduces the Kisai Broke

Published by on April 27, 2010 under Unique Gift Ideas

TokioFlash Japan Introduces the Kisai Broke

I can’t say Japanese watches are my favorites, but this new wrist watch announced by TokioFlash Japan looks cool enough to make me curious about how it would look on my hand. As you can see, Kisai Broke features a fragmented display made from mineral crystal lens, but unlike other Japanese watches it is easy to read. Read more

Nina Ricci N029 Watch Series and the Valentines Day Edition

Published by on January 18, 2010 under Ladies Accessories

Nina Ricci N029 Watch Series and the Valentines Day Edition

I didn’t know Nina Ricci is also a watch brand, but from the moment I saw this cool watch I’m sure I’ll remember to look for Nina Ricci models in watch stores I enter occasionally. Read more

Piaget Exceptional Pieces

Published by on November 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

Piaget Exceptional Pieces piaget secret watch 1

Exceptional Pieces is Piaget’s collection of amazingly beautiful watches available in various unique designs featuring gold and lots of diamonds.
In the first image you can admire one of Piaget’s secret watches inspired by leaves, which is made using 18-carat white gold decorated with no less than 296 brilliant-cut diamonds of 20.7 carats, 142 pear-cut diamonds of 47.8 carats, 66 baguette-cut diamonds of 4.2 carats and two marquise-cut diamonds of 3.5 carats. Read more

Projects Watches Featuring Unique Ways of Displaying Time

Published by on July 6, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


The new collection of watches called Projects Watches can be admired on the Watchismo website, which is an authorized dealer for these unique models created by Daniel Will-Harris, a computer graphics pioneer and an award-winning books writer, and Laurinda Spear, specialized in interior design. Read more

Cool High-End Watch Looking Like a Concept

Published by on June 21, 2009 under Tech Gadgets


Filmatic II is one of the coolest wrist watches I’ve ever seen! It comes from o.d.m. and features some of the latest technologies that enable a thickness of only 6.5 mm and this stylish design. Read more

Alain Sauser Elements Womens Designer Watches

Published by on June 8, 2009 under Ladies Accessories


This beautiful watch collection is called Elements and was designed by Alain Sauser who wanted to create sophisticated models inspiring the Mother Earth’s elements. Read more