Q Knot Original Multipurpose Reusable Ties – Review

Published by on October 28, 2011 under Product Reviews and Giveaways

Q Knot Original Multipurpose Reusable Ties - Review

I must admit I’ve never used zip ties before and not because they are not efficient in keeping my cables organized, but because you just can’t untie them. They aren’t designed for that and to remove them you have to cut them. Still, having so many cables around, I need to keep them separated so they won’t get tangled and break. For this I would need something that can be easily tied and released, and to be made from a special material that won’t leave scratches on the cables.

The second option these days would be rubber bands, but these are more fragile and you can use them with big items that don’t have a smooth surface.

I can say I solved this problem with the latest product received for review, the UT Wire solution – Q Knot – created as an alternative to both hard plastic zip ties and rubber bands. Read more