Hands-on Review: HooToo TripMate Elite – Five-in-one Travel Companion

hootoo tripmate elite travel companion (46)

TripMate Elite by HooToo is a great device that packs five functionalities in a small form factor. You can use it as a wireless router, personal cloud, bridge, portable charger, and USB-to-AC adapter. I call it a travel companion because it was designed with portability in mind – it’s lightweight, palm-sized, easy to use and enables wireless connectivity wherever you are. Read more

4 Ways the Cloud is Replacing the Briefcase

4 Ways the Cloud is Replacing the BriefcaseHave you noticed fewer business people carrying around briefcases? It’s true, these pieces that were once the symbol of a business person are now going by the wayside. Instead, everything is stored online now. In fact, almost anything you would have once carried in a briefcase is now accessed in a cloud storage.

1. Carry a Personalized Calendar on Your Phone

As a business person, you need to know what appointments you have coming up, where they are, and who they’re with. It’s so much easier to look this all up on your BlackBerry Z10 than it ever was, pulling out a calendar or appointment book. Plus, the calendar on your smartphone can sync to your computer. Read more

CloudFTP Enables Wireless File Transfers Between Devices

CloudFTP Enables Wireless File Sharing Between Devices

Between January 10 and 13 you can check the Sanho Booth #4606 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to discover CloudFTP, smart gadget that enables a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are, so you can transfer everything from USB devices to your Apple gadgets. The compact and pocketable device supports Wi-Fi-enabled devices like the iPhone or iPad, and lets you copy music, images, videos, documents and other file types from USB hard drives, card readers, flash drives and digital cameras. Read more