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Bonjour Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence

Published by on November 5, 2016 under Home


Bonjour is a personal assistant that takes care of your daily routine. Featuring artificial intelligence, the voice-controlled alarm clock speaks to you and based on weather, calendar, traffic, and activity updates, it gives you advices. Read more

The Analog Voltmeter Clock

Published by on December 19, 2014 under Office

analog voltmeter clock (2)

Analog voltmeters are those instruments used to measure the electrical potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit, displaying the results by moving a pointer across a scale in proportion to the circuit’s voltage. Looking exactly like an analog voltmeter, the device in the image is actually a fully functional clock, called the Analog Voltmeter Clock. Read more

G-Buzz: Portable Alarm Clock with Phone Charging and FM Radio

Published by on July 9, 2014 under Outdoors

GBuzz Portable Alarm Clock with Phone Charging and FM Radio (2)

Good for dorm rooms but especially during camping trips where you need a strong alarm clock to wake everybody up, G-Buzz comes also with two other functions to enable more uses. The new alarm clock created by G-Project is portable and has built-in FM radio and phone charging. Besides these, it’s rugged which makes it great for outdoor use. Read more

Wooden Clock with Wireless Charging and Bluetooth

Published by on February 9, 2014 under Home

Wooden Clock with Wireless Charging and Bluetooth (1)

We all know how popular the wooden digital clock has become for creating the illusion that the time is hovering its surface. I personally love the idea, but the Qi-Tone clock adds more technologies to it to result in a wooden alarm clock with Bluetooth speaker and Qi charging. Read more

Rainbow Clock Brings Music Spa at Home

Published by on September 18, 2012 under Home

Rainbow Clock from Oregon Scientific

The Rainbow Clock by Oregon Scientific is one of the coolest table clocks I’ve ever seen, but in addition to the clock, radio and music player functions, I wish it also had weather station capabilities, like other great devices from the same company. Still it comes in an elegant design and looks great on a glass table. Read more

Cucubo Cuckoo Clock

Published by on August 25, 2012 under Home

Cucubo Cuckoo Clock

Cucubo is a designer cuckoo clock created by Lorenzo Damiani and launched back in 2011. Unlike wall clocks with cuckoos, this time we have a box-shaped clock that you can place on a table, for example near the bed, or, why not, place one of these in every room. Read more

Designer Wall Clock in Natural Colors

Published by on August 1, 2012 under Home

Designer Wall Clock in Natural Colors

I wanted to post about this special wall clock because I live the colors picked by its designer. Off all decorative wall clocks out there, this model seems to inspire relaxation and comfort, so I would like to see it on my wall too. You can place it in any room, from bedroom to the office. Read more

Lamp, Clock and Thermometer

Published by on April 16, 2012 under Home

Lamp Clock and Thermometer

This is a new gadget introduced at Brando recently and was designed to attach to your office desk. The lamp is foldable and uses bright LEDs to light the surrounding so you can continue working in the night, while the digital screen shows the date, time and temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Read more

Decorative Wall Clock Hides Numbers With Colored Dots

Published by on November 14, 2011 under Decor

Decorative Wall Clock Hides Numbers With Colored Dots

I believe in color therapy and would like to have a clock like this on my wall, especially as it’s not too big at 12 inch in diameter. This decorative wall clock named Color Test Of Time is, in a way, a real test for your sight. If you look closer at smaller dots you will see the numbers for hours. Read more

Decorative Crossword Clock Can be Filled With Answers

Published by on November 13, 2011 under Decor

Decorative Crossword Clock Can be Filled With Answers

If you like unusual wall clocks, this one might be on your taste. It’s a decorative wall clock designed like a crossword puzzle board game, but you can actually fill in the answers. Optionally, you can use the puzzle on the box. Read more