Filterless and Silent Air Purifier

Filterless and Silent Air Purifier (1)

Unlike air purifiers that use replaceable costly filters to clean the air in the home, this one uses a different approach. The Filterless Air Purifier emits billions of electrons that attach to impurities in the air and converts them to negatively charged ions. These impurities, which can be allergens, smoke or dust particles, gravitate and bond to the collection tube which is positively charged. Read more

LG Releasing Mattress Cleaning Machine for Home Use

LG Releasing Mattress Cleaning Machine for Home Use (1)

You can thoroughly clean about everything in your home, but with mattresses things get very complicated. I read that in order to kill the mites inside and get rid of allergens you have to keep the mattress at 60 degrees Celsius for a few hours, and that it’s recommended to change the mattress with a new one every two years. Well, LG’s Futon Punch Cleaner is a new home cleaning device designed to fix this problem, but it’s not a cheap solution. Read more

Stylus-Pro: Stylus and Screen Cleaner

Stylus Pro Stylus and Screen Cleaner (4)

Stylus-Pro is a new stylus introduced by Cyber Clean for those who need a stylus for their smartphones and tablets, but with the possibility to clean the touchscreen at any time. The mobile accessory is also a screen cleaning solution. It integrates a stylus tip, a cartridge of alcohol-free cleaning liquid developed by JOKER Technologies, a spray nozzle, and a hydrophilic cloth. Read more

Foreo Luna Face Cleaning and Massaging Device

Foreo Luna Face Cleaning and Massaging Device (2)

Luna from Foreo is an innovative cleaning device for the delicate skin of a woman’s face. The device has a feminine, ergonomic and fluid shape that allows you to hold it in one hand to clean your face in the morning or evening, before applying make-up or after make-up removal. Read more

Rapido: Wet-and-Dry Vacuum Cleaner Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

Rapido Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Powered by Lithium Ion Battery

Those of you who already own a handheld vacuum cleaner are probably complaining about the short battery life and the long charging time for the NiMh battery powering the cleaning device, which requires 12 hours of charging to operate for about 10 minutes.

When I went to look for handheld vacuum cleaners and get one for myself, I was surprised that there was no model powered by the Lithium-Ion battery technology and that I have to wait so long for the device to recharge. Well, after a while I found out that there are a few models powered by the Li-Ion technology, and one of them is the wet-and-dry model from the German company AEG. Rapido is one of the innovative products showcased at this year’s edition of the IFA event. Read more

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition – World’s Most Luxurious Vacuum Cleaner

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition Worlds Most Luxurious Vacuum Cleaner

HYLA is not the first vacuum cleaner developer that launched a Swarovski edition, but this time we the the world’s most expensive model, decorated with genuine Swarovski Elements in over 100 hours, by German artists. HYLA GST Swarovski features no less than 32,000 white, black and grey crystals hand-encrusted in the original black housing with mirror finish and carbon/chrome accents. Read more

Antec Cleaning Solutions – Review

Antec Cleaning Solutions Review

Antec is a US-based company specialized in high-performance computer components and computer accessories, while recently they introduced a range of advanced cleaning solutions for screens, devices and kitchen appliances. Included are the 3X Strength Spray Non-drip, the 100% Natural Spray, the Deep-cleaning Gel Non-drip, the 3X Strength and 100% Natural cleaning wipes, and the multipurpose XL microfiber Cleaning Cloth. You can get these products separately or grouped in cleaning kits.

Antec sent us several product samples for this review and my favorite cleaning solution is definitely the 3X Strength Spray available in two kits in the Non-drip version, and as cleaning wipes. Read more