Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Published by on July 9, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

The last accessory we add to complete our outfit before leaving home is the perfume. We all know that a perfume has an interesting effect on both the wearer and the other people around and helps making a nice impression wherever we go as people tend to associate a nice smell with a quality person.

We choose our perfume based on how we feel after applying it on the skin, but the final decision is influenced, among other things, by the bottle. That’s why we decided to pick the most eye-catching bottles of perfume launched last year.

Chopard Brilliant Wish

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Pistol That Fires Tequila

Published by on December 30, 2009 under Gadgets for men

Pistol That Fires Tequila

I’ve never heard of an idea like this and I guess you’ll think it’s cool too. This transparent pistol coming from Hijos De Villa contains 200ml of Tequila made from Blue Agave and is a limited edition bottle commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Villanueva-Barragan family that owns Licores Veracruz. The bottle design inspires the family’s courage, pride and respect. Read more