Bluechip BC5i Big Button Phone for Seniors – Review

Published by on September 19, 2011 under Product Reviews and Giveaways

Bluechip BC5i Big Button Phone for Seniors Review

Designed with the visually impaired and elderly people in mind, Bluechip BC5i is known also as the big button cell phone and it’s clear why. The handset features a mono display of small size to accomodate the 15 large buttons with white characters, which makes it impossible to misstype a phone number or a message, especially since the screen features backlight. There are the 10 numbers that you need for dialling, the star key, the number sign, the answer and close call buttons and two arrow buttons for easy navigation through the menus. On the back you can find the key element of the cell phone – the SOS button – which you can use to call a specific number when there is an emergency, such as when you start feeling dizy or you feel a pain somewhere inside your body. Once the orange SOS button is pressed, your doctor, the hospital emergency room or your closest friend is reached and you can call for help. Read more