ThinCharge Case Doubles iPhone’s Battery Life

Case Doubles iPhone Battery Life (1)

As the world’s most popular smartphone, iPhone gets the best and one of the latest smart accessories designed specifically for it is ThinCharge. This is a thin and light case that provides 200% battery life, or extra 2600mAh, so you can charge the phone anytime, while keeping it protected during accidental drops. Read more

Hands-on Review: Linkon Power Stick 3000 External Battery

linkon power stick external battery (3)

Linkon Power Stick 3000 is my new favorite gadget. The device is, as the name suggests, a portable external battery of 3000 mAh, which you can use to recharge mobile devices on the go, such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS, and gaming devices. Read more

UNU Superpack 10000 mah Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablets

10000mah Power Bank Smartphones Tablets (2)

UNU Superpack was launched as the world’s smallest power bank of 10,000 mAh and stores power two times faster than standard external batteries, thanks to the SuperX Fast-Charging Technology. In addition, the device charges gadgets two times faster than standard chargers thanks to the 2.4A input. Read more

JunoPower Hue Stick External Battery with Flashlight

junopower stick external battery flashlight (2)

The days when phone batteries were lasting a week are long gone so, if you spend much time outside your home, you really need a lightweight power bank in your bag. This type of device provides extra battery so you can finish important phone calls or composing emails when your phone’s battery is almost empty. Some external batteries can charge a smartphone up to 25%, while others charge it fully even several times from a full charge. Read more

Rechargeable Batteries Explained

Rechargeable Batteries Explained
Image by awnisALAN

Rechargeable batteries are now commonplace in society and there are many different types which can be bought in store or online. Before trying to find batteries online you need to know exactly what battery you need and here we look at some of the different types available.

The Nickel Cadmium battery

This is one of the longest established, dating back as far as the 19th century. This type of battery uses nickel hydroxide for the positive electrode, cadium as the negative electrode and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. The battery’s small size and discharge capacity makes them ideal for smaller devices and they have received praise for their consistency and the fact they keep their performance until the point at which they come to the end of their charge cycle. In recent years however, they have been overtaken, to some extent, by newer Lithium and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Read more

Brunton Torpedo Hybrid Mobile Battery & Charger – Keep Your Gadgets Charged 24/7

Brunton Torpedo Hybrid Mobile Battery and Charger Keep Your Gadgets Charged 24 7

Gadgets are becoming power-hungry everyday as manufacturers increase RAM memory, CPU cores and other features in new releases. This however has a negative effect on battery life and can come back to haunt you in critical situations when battery juice is your top priority, such as during business meetings and client appointments. Read more

STK PowerCard 400mAh Power Bank Hands-on Review

STK PowerCard 400mAh Power Bank Hands on Review (5)

Coming in a slim design, at the size of a credit card, the STK PowerCard is an emergency charger compatible with any handset featuring microUSB charging port. You can use it to provide extra hours of standby to your smartphone when the battery is almost drained and you don’t have where to recharge it, such as while out, camping. Besides working as an external battery, the gadget has two other functions – powerful mini LED torch and microUSB cable. Read more