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Automatic Ball Mop

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Home

Automatic Ball Mop (3)

This cleaning gadget is an automatic mop that rolls around the room to clean the floor from dust. It features an internal timer to roll around every 15 minutes and stops after about 3 hours, when the battery need to be replaced. Read more

Remote Controlled Golf Ball

Published by on September 15, 2013 under Fun

Remote Controlled Golf Ball

IFA is a great event where you can discover amazing products featuring the newest technologies. One of the innovations prepared for this year’s edition is the TyGolf. This golf ball is smart and out of ordinary. You can control it wirelessly. Read more

Soft Ball Stand for Tablets

Published by on September 13, 2013 under Mobile

Soft Ball Stand for Tablets (2)

Here is a new tablet accessory coming from Japan, which works as a stand. Shaped like a soft ball/round cushion, Mogu Stand features a sticky side that can hold your tablet in place even when raised above the table. Read more

The Magic 8 Ball Bounces to Give Your Answers

Published by on May 3, 2011 under Fun

Author: Elena Opris

The Magic 8 Ball Bounces to Give Your Answers

What’s the use of a magic 8 ball if it doesn’t do the one thing a ball should do: bounce? Well, this is now possible. Behold the magic 8 ball that will make your choices and bounce while doing it! Read more

Stressberry – BlackBerry-Shaped Stress Ball

Published by on May 17, 2010 under Workout

Stressberry – BlackBerry-Shaped Stress Ball

When you want to smash something when you’re nervous or stressed it has to be something you feel like you can break, right? Regular stress balls never work, but this BlackBerry-looking stress aid seems to be perfect for those moments.
It is available at for £3.49 and is called the Stressberry. Read more