Elegant Handbag iPhone Case

Elegant Handbag iPhone Case (1)

Looking like a shoulder purse in miniature, the Handbag iPhone Case is for keeping your iPhone sassy looking, plus there’s the gold chain that works as a wrist strap. You can use this case on the iPhone 5/5S only and keep the smartphone protected from accidental bumps thanks to the rubberized material. Read more

What’s In Your Purse? (Things Every Single Young Woman Needs)

Whats In Your Purse Things Every Single Young Woman Needs (1)

You carry a purse, but do you even know what’s in it? Have you thought out the inventory you carry with you everywhere, or have you just randomly shoved everything you can think of into it? Here are 7 things every young lady needs in her purse to make sure she’s prepared for the single life. Read more

Compleat – A Beautiful and Modern Food Bag

Compleat A Beautiful and Modern Food Bag (3)

At Unikia you can discover the latest innovative products designed to improve your lifestyle. One of their latest additions is the Compleat FoodBag coming in several trendy colors like blue, gray, lavender, and yellow. The food bag is made 100% of BPA-free silicone, which means it’s safe to store any kind of foods you take with you at work. Read more

Hands-on Review: A 5ml Perfume Atomizer Can’t Miss From Your Purse!

Hands on Review A 5ml Perfume Atomizer Cant Miss From Your Purse (1)

The mini perfume atomizer is an accessory that you’ve probably seen in beauty shops many times but never realized how useful it could be. You can use it to hold a few milliliters of your favorite perfume inside your purse, pocket or travel bag. They come in different sizes to hold even 20ml of liquid and are available at different prices, depending on the shop. Read more

The Audio Clutch

The Audio Clutch

Designed in such a way to deliver the best sound experience on the go, from a stylish fashion accessory, the audio clutch from Stelle is an innovative product aimed at women with style. The portable audio gadget comes in several designs, featuring a built-in 2.0 stereo system with proprietary acoustic drivers, Bluetooth connectivity, and speakerphone functionality. You can use the clutch of your choice to share music with others while traveling or host conference calls for up to 15 hours, wirelessly, within the 50-meter supported range. Additional features include 3.5mm audio connectivity through the included cable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, included universal power adapter. Read more