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Swivl – Your Personal Cameraman

Published by on August 20, 2013 under Mobile

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Swivl is a cool gadget I’ve been anxious to tell you about since a while ago; it is a personal portable camera crew. You can use it to record anything with your smartphone, from family videos, to presentations and action sports, because the device automatically follows every move of the person in front of it.

Swivl uses the motion-sensitive tracking technology to follow you with full 360-degree horizontal rotation and 10/20-degree vertical movement. All you have to do is attach the included Marker accessory to your clothing or keep it in your hand and Swivl will know where you are within the 10-meter sensor range. It records clear audio regardless of the noise level in the background.

The gadget also comes with a tripod mount and base unit to hold your smartphone or pocket camera. Although it works with any smartphone or camera model weighing less than 175 grams, it was designed for the iPhone so it comes with special features for the handset such as the iOS Digital Microphone; iPhone remote control function; and iOS app functions for remote controlled video, monitoring, panoramics, time elapse, telepresence, etc.

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You can purchase Swivl from Firebox for £179.99, which includes the gadget, the marker, a tripod accessory, the lanyard, batteries, and the USB cable for firmware updates.

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