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Time to Switch to Data Storage Management and Virtualization?

Published by on October 17, 2012 under Office

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CDW for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


At some point, your business will start to develop fast and the amounts of associated data, including emails, file transfers and couments, will become larger. The first move would be to hire specialists for every department of your business, but later you would discover that it’s not enough anymore and, because everything becomes overwhelming, you need to look for a more efficient solution. When you get to this point, you realize need to go to the next level and use data storage management and virtualization solutions.                    

Instead of having everything your business relies on split and managed by several people, why not have everything centralised? Regardless of your IT knowledge, because even if you have enough IT skills, your time is spent at the management level, when deciding to opt for a central management solution, this could be CDW.

Known as the leading provider of tech solutions for government, education, healthcare, and business sectors, CDW covers small- to large-sized customers. Designed to support flexibility and simplification of data storage systems used by your company, the solution from CDW is based on storage area networks, storage management software, blade servers, archiving and e-discovery software, data deduplication, and data storage virtualization, to help you gain access to critical information faster, support your workforce better, protect organizational data, and eliminate inefficiencies in infrastructure.

Key benefits of going for storage management and virtualization include data archiving, which allows users to perform advanced searches, while you have the possibility to define data retention policies for many users and data. The administrative task will become more efficient, maintenance needs and costs are significantly reduced, while enabling greater scalability for future growth. To read more about these, for a limited time you can download the CDW Red Report for free and discover tips on how to Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%.

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