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Sticky Cell Phone Stand Review

Published by on May 17, 2013 under Reviews

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If you’re looking for some quality mobile accessories but don’t have much to spend, for about $2 you could get a nice, slim and attractive stand like this one for your smartphone. I got mine from a grocery store, from the sales area, and I decided to review it because I love it as it’s really useful and of high-quality.

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You can find one like this at online shops in China too and they are available in different color combinations, having the same scope – to hold your phone in vertical or horizontal position, so you can answer calls, browse the web and check your messages using one hand only, or better said, one finger.

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The side that holds the phone is made from a special, soft material that sticks to the back of the phone, with or without a case, but without using adhesives. The stand is lightweight and stable and your phone won’t fall off. The idea is to keep the back and bottom parts of the handset on the sticky material.

The design is simple yet smart and the increased stability is enabled by the folding angle, the large surface that keeps your phone stuck, and the sticky material.


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