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Step into the future with an LG washing machine

Published by on March 20, 2012 under Home

Step into the future with an LG washing machine

When it comes to washing machines, it’s fair to say that the market had been cornered for quite a while by power brands like Whirlpool and Zanussi, and until recently most kitchens or utility rooms would have been home to either one or the other. However, in more recent years, the electrical goods market has seen a new player take to the field and put up some serious competition in terms of value for money and quality of manufacture. That brand is LG.

The company is now one of the most popular brands in the flat screen TV market and is also making inroads into the competitive world of washing machines. Design-wise, LG washing machines look slick and futuristic and come in a range of finishes to suit any type of home, from shiny black and silver to the more traditional white.

They also come in a range of sizes, so whether you’re a two person family living in a compact city flat or a growing family in a four bedroom home, you’ll find a drum size to suit your needs. The smallest drum size takes a 7kg load and prices for these machines start at about £480. Even on these smaller models you’ll find a whole range of programmes to suit your laundry needs, including a quick 30 minute rapid cycle for when you’re really in a hurry and need something washed as quickly as possible.

You’ll also find Baby care cycles for delicate baby clothes, a Duvet Cycle for washing (non-feather) duvets, and LG’s unique Medic cycle, which is ideal for anyone who suffers from skin allergies as it removes all traces of detergent from the clothes as it rinses them.

If you have a large family and find that you seem to spend your life loading and unloading the machine, then a model with a massive 11kg load capacity will really cut down on the number of laundry days. This is the biggest drum size available in a standard machine and means you can do much bigger loads of heavy clothes like jeans and hoodies without compromising the effectiveness of the wash.

An LG washing machine with an 11kg capacity will cost from around £1,000 upwards, but if you’re doing laundry for lots of active kids it’s definitely money well spent.


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