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SportsArt Fitness Self-Generating S770 Pinnacle Trainer

Published by on August 1, 2011 under Workout

Author: Elena Opris

SportsArt Fitness Self Generating S770 Pinnacle Trainer

The SportsArt Fitness S770 Pinnacle Trainer sets apart from other types of exercise equipment because it doesn’t need electricity. Yes, that’s right. The machine “fuels” itself while you work out on it.

It’s a fantastic way to go green. In addition, the forward/backward and medial/lateral motion allow you to keep balance and improve your core stability while you burn more calories than with usual equipment. Joints are protected by closed-chain movement. So if you ever wanted to get the full gym experience right in your home, then this is the time.

Find this cool product at SportsArt America, at $8,499.

Thanks, John!


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