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The Sport Armband – Jogging Accessory for Summer Days

Published by on May 23, 2011 under Workout

The Sport Armband Jogging Accessory for Summer Days

You know what I was thinking? I’m one of those girls trying to lose some weight to get in best shape, especially since summer has begun, but I just can’t leave my computer. I know, it’s already a cliché, but instead of trusting unhealthy diets and and pills, I always recommended sports. It’s tested and proves to be the fastest method to lose weight.

While some of you are spending lots of money at the gym, others could take advantage of hot summer days and start jogging daily. Believe me, if you eat well and run for about an hour in the park, daily, you lose weight very fast, especially during hot summer days when you sweat a lot, eliminating toxins.

These being said, I want to recommend you what I believe to be the perfect jogging accessory and I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but never thought it could be useful for your lifestyle. It’s called a cell phone armband and can hold your mobile phone on your upper arm during jogging and various other outdoor activities.

Let’s take as example a model that I like more than others, the iPhone armband from Tune Belt, which comes in various sizes to fit almost all mobile phones. It was deigned to be lightweight and comfy, while protecting your handset from scratches and accidental bumps. You can continue with your activities and get updates whenever someone calls or there’s an incoming message. When you’re taking breaks, you can call anyone through the clear cover, or take the device out to start browsing the Internet.

Other benefits include the adjustable band that fits any arm size, the fact that it’s washable, the possibility to store the earphone cord securely when you’re not listening to the music, and the special materials it’s made of, which protect against perspiration.

You can find various sport armbands available online for around $20.


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