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SolidAlliance Crazy Earphones Series

Published by on March 3, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Guest post written by Andreea R.

SolidAlliance Crazy Earphones Series

It’s a clear sign that spring is coming. Usually, at the beginning of this season, people are attending the gym more often, they are thinking to eat more fruits and vegetables and it seems that everywhere you’d be, you hear words like ecology or bio. Spring season means freshness, optimism, a new start in your life and good health. Perhaps, from the concepts of good order or humor it started the idea of people from SolidAlliance to create the Crazy Earphones, novelty headphones series.

You might wonder what connection exists between fruits or vegetables and earphones. Initially, there was no connection, but it was created one by SolidAlliance. Whether marching for fruit consumption or you are a more funny nature, you like to be more authentic or oddball, then express your personality by choosing a pair of headphones created by SolidAlliance: Apple, Frankenstein Bolts, Ikura Fish Eggs, Banana, Cat Paw, Mushroom or Ear, a little yellow year.

Basically the designers have taken a fruit or a wacky object, cut it in half, and put either end on the closed earbud earphones. Wearing these funny earphones, you won’t go unnoticed. Are you wondering how much it costs you to obtain such an oddball look? Well, each pair of Crazy Earphones costs $45 and you should also pay another $15 for single item shipping cost, worldwide express. Get these from Japan Trend Shop.

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