The Solar Powered House Number

The Solar Powered House Number

Published by on March 9, 2011 under Home

Guest post written by Andreea R.

The Solar Powered House Number

Certainly, at some point in life you felt like you live at the end of the world, like you drive or walk since good minutes ago and still you don’t see your house in sight. Worse, with your home changed into a new neighborhood, you don’t acknowledge your inner nest. Sometimes, you even ask yourself: does my house get lost among the neighbors’ homes? Is it my house the banal and smallest of all? Don’t fill your mind with doubts or questions and offer your home the best accessory.

The Solar Powered House Number

We all know that eco-friendly fashion is in full swing so the accessory must be in tune. I’m talking about a little trick that will make your house more easily found by your friends, postman, pizza man, and taxis and even by yourself, especially on days when you have a little bit and you forget your own head at office along with other tasks. I’m talking about the solar-powered house number.

During the day the house number plaque charges its internal battery via the large solar panel and at dusk, automatically illuminates your house or flat numbers for all to see. Enter on Gizoo and choose your house number. The solar powered house number will be supplied with all parts that will help you assemble it. For 16.95 GBP, your friends will be grateful and your home will be more visible and even chic.

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  1. Tom Foolry says:

    I’ve seen a lot of different designs when researching solar house numbers, and this one looks like it’s one of the more cost-effective ones, mainly due to the sticker numbers. I’ve already got one, but I might try this one out to see which works better!

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