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Solar Panels for Boats

Published by on August 28, 2012 under Cars

Solar Panels for Boats‘Do it yourself’ solar panel kits for boats are designed for the everyday consumer. They contain everything needed to create your own sustainable source of electricity and the single compact panels are highly efficient at 15.5% for a high yield to run your activities and operations.As well supplying the kits for boats, the has kits for caravans and sheds for free electricity in the garden and whilst camping.

The single compact 80W solar panel is perfect on a boat as it is ideal for a 12V battery charging and is capable of supplying power to appliances on board the boat.

Why our solar panels are so user-friendly

The panels are lightweight and compact with a choice of silver, black or white anodized frames enabling them to match your boat’s exterior. The kits are reliable and durable armed with a weather-proof film and EVA resin for safe outdoor use. Another feature is that the solar panels offer a tempered low iron glass so the panel is able to generate more power by reducing the amount of light that is reflected from the module, the two built-in bypass diodes also ensure that the panels continue to generate even though they might be partly shaded. The kits provide free electricity enabling you to be sustainable wherever the wind takes you.

The solar panel boat kits come with everything required to ‘do it yourself’, high quality 80W solar panels, accessories and mounting equipment to ensure trouble-free installation.


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