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Smallest Digital Luggage Scale

Published by on June 19, 2011 under Mobile

Author: Elena Opris

Smallest Digital Luggage Scale

Use the world’s smallest luggage scale to weigh you baggage at the airport and be sure you’re not breaking any rules.

The device is smaller than a cellphone, measuring only 5 ¼ inches in length, 4 ½ inches in width, 1 ½ inches in height and 6 ½ oz. Covered by a long-lasting rubber and with a steel-alloy hook to grasp the suitcase handle, the scale displays the weight of your luggage on a backlit LCD, in a matter of seconds. Weighs up to 110 lbs. and shows quantities in pounds or kilograms. The LCD automatically switches of after 60 seconds of idle. Two CR2032 batteries included.

At Hammacher Schlemmer, for $29.95.


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