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The SIM Card Backup Device From – Review

Published by on September 22, 2009 under Reviews

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I want to show you a very useful gadget that shouldn’t miss from any cell phone accessory set. It comes in a small and lightweight form factor that makes possible to keep it on your keyring and always have it close in case you need it.
The SIM Card Backup device from Mobile Fun does exactly what its name suggests. It practically allows you to backup your entire contacts list from any cell phone SIM card. This is helpful especially in cases when you lose your cell phone with the SIM in it, or delete some phone book entries by mistake.

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A good example of a case when a device like this would have saved me, is when I was using two cell phones with SIM cards from different telecommunication networks. I had a Vodafone SIM in an old handset and an Orange SIM in the new cell phone I was using every day. At some point I was preparing to get rid of the old and ugly phone and wanted to delete all phone numbers and other files like music, videos and messages from it, so the future owner won’t have access to them.

I was checking the old phone and pressed the button to delete all the contacts, but then I realized I had the newer SIM in it and, instead of choosing to delete only the numbers in the handset, I have deleted all, including the ones in the newer SIM. That was a big problem for me as there were stored the phone numbers of all the people I know.
My luck was to find the old SIM card that had about 80% of the numbers I lost from the new SIM.
It would have been great to have a full backup of my entire contacts list, but when you’re busy every day you’re just not in the mood to spend much time on installing the software for PC sync to backup regularly.

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4 The SIM Card Backup Device From - Review

Well, if you had a similar problem, or just want a handy gadget that can backup your contacts in a few seconds whenever you need, then the SIM Card Backup device is perfect for you and I’ll tell you more about it, as well as why I like it.
First, it’s easy to use. The backup can be created in 3 steps:

1. Insert your SIM card in the position indicated on the front of the device.
2. Keep the tiny Back Up button pressed for 2 seconds until the red LED light turns on.
3. After about 10 seconds the light turns off and you can take the SIM out.

Now that the backup is stored on the device you can place it anywhere you like and use it later for restoring numbers on the same SIM or another card like this:

1. Insert the same SIM or a different one.
2. Keep the Restore button pressed for 2 seconds until you see the red LED light.
3. When the light indicating that the device is restoring the backup turns off you can take the SIM out and browse through the phone numbers on the cell phone.
Restoring takes even fewer seconds than creating a backup.

Like me, you might be wondering what happens if the SIM card you want to restore a previous backup on already has phone numbers on it. Will the numbers in the backup add to the list on the SIM card, or will the backup completely replace what’s on the SIM?
– In this case you have to save all the phone numbers from the SIM before restoring a backup on it, because as you press the Restore button on the device, everything on the SIM disappears.

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Another question I had was what happens with the backup on the device when you want it to create a new backup from another SIM? Will the new numbers add to the backup on the device, or will it make a new clean copy of the new contacts list?
-The backup that’s already stored on the device will be lost and only the numbers on the new SIM will be memorized as a new backup package.

One important thing you have to know is that you must be careful the first time you are creating a backup with the SIM Card Backup device, so you won’t press the Restore button instead of Back Up, as it will delete everything on the SIM.

On the other hand, you can press Restore or Backup as many time as you wish for the same SIM card. There won’t be any problem, just that there are moments when the red LED light flashes a few times, meaning you either didn’t insert the SIM in the right position, or the SIM has a PIN code active. In this case you need to take the SIM out, remove the PIN code, insert it again slowly and use the device again.

If you get the device from Mobile Fun, after opening the transparent package you’ll find the detailed instructions inside, covering the steps you have to follow to create a backup and restore it, as well as 3 tips for when the device won’t work as it should. Two of them I’ve already mentioned – when the red LED flashes instead of lighting continuously and not to press Restore first time you are using the device with your SIM. The third one refers at the fact that you are not advised to remove the card while the LED light is on, indicating that an operation is being performed. I did that while testing the gadget, as I wanted to check something on the SIM, but nothing bad happened, except that the light got blocked and I had to press one of the buttons until it stopped.

After finally creating a backup of my entire phone book I was wondering what to do after batteries run off. The instructions in the package don’t mention anything about batteries so I had to take out the tiny screw on the back and check the type of batteries that power the device, as well as how many of them are. Inside I found two LR41 button cells, or watch batteries, which are cheap and easy to find in any store.
I can’t tell how long do they last, but I guess that as they are used only for a few seconds during a backup or restore, you might rely on them for years.

The SIM Card Backup device is also very affordable and you can get it from Mobile Fun for only £3.99.

The review is the personal opinion of Ladies’ Gadgets based on the experience with the sample product sent by MobileFun, which is the only compensation we received.


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