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Sicis Mannequin Lamps

Published by on April 2, 2012 under Decor

Sicis Mannequin Lamps

These are the Mannequin Lamps, also known as Lamp Sculptures, designed by Sicis, the experts in mosaic art. Each lamp is covered in mosaic and represents a sensual and elegant woman in a feminine posture. These are floor lamps that use energy-saving LED lights, while the switch is located on the ground to support control by foot.

Sicis Mannequin Lamps
Sicis Mannequin Lamps

• Operating voltage: 230 – 240 Volt AC;
• Power: 4×1.4 Watt;
• Light bulb attachment: G24q-3 (32W) / G24q-4 (42W);
• Insulation class: Class 2;
• Light bulbs: n.4 led pads;
• Light colour: white;
• Electronic ballast;
• Degree of protection: IP 20;
• Angle of irradiation: diffusing;
• Adjustable lightness: No.


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  1. Dan Lewis says:

    These are exceptional! I like them very much. I would say that the creator of these floor lamp works of art is ahead of the mob by some years.

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