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Shuella – The Shoe Umbrella

Published by on May 11, 2010 under Ladies Accessories

Shuella - The Shoe Umbrella

Shuella was introduced back in 2008 as a practical and fashionable solution for rainy days. It is a shoe accessory that covers your feet when it’s raining to keep your footwear protected, while looking very trendy and eye-catching.
Also known as the shoe umbrella, Shuella was created by Rebecca Miller. You can carry it inside your purse and use it when it’s raining. It comes with a special cloth for wiping off the water before putting it back inside the purse.

Shuella - The Shoe Umbrella

You can find the rain shoe covers in cool colors like Hot Pink, Buttercup Yellow, Apple Green, and Classic Black. Shuella is available in many sizes at a price of $49.95.

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