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Scentee Aroma Diffuser for Smartphones

Published by on April 28, 2015 under Mobile

Scentee Aroma Diffuser Smartphones (1)

While I was reading about this product, I remembered an old smartphone concept that allows you to send and receive fragrances. This aroma diffuser might be a step towards that cool concept. The small device measures called Scentee works right out of the box and spreads a pleasant scent around. You can choose from coffee, lavender, rosemary, roses, and strawberry.

You can see Scentee as your own personal and portable air-freshener. It synchronizes with your phone and can be set to spread the fragrance when you get a Facebook Like or an email.

Scentee Aroma Diffuser Smartphones (2)

The smartphone aroma diffuser stays connected to the phone via the miniUSB port, is compatible with iOS and Android, is controlled via an app, and includes a fragrance cartridge with the neutral Original scent. Each capsule produces 100 sprays. You can customize the LED lights. The battery lasts about a day and recharge via microUSB from the computer or an USB adapter.

Get it from Firebox for £29.99. Fragrances can be purchased for £4.99 each.


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